7 Best Lamps for Artists – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews in 2021

You might be well-aware of the fact that finding a good quality lamp for your art studio takes a huge chunk of time. And even if you have got the lamp you have always longed for as an artist, there is always going to be a better lamp available in the market that’s going to look better than your current one.

Whether you are an artist or not, you’ll be needing some great quality lamps with the help of which you can make the most use out of your drawing resources. Time plays an important role in an artist’s career. What if you had the right list available that helped you in getting the right lamp.

For this purpose, we have mentioned some of the best lamps for artists on this page along with each lamp’s pros and cons so that you know exactly the type of lamp you are buying, and guess what? This will save you a lot of time so that you can focus more on your crafting activities rather than the technicalities of your workroom. 

Lamp Name Adjustable Neck Correlated Color Temperatures (K)Price
Brightech Litespan LED Floor LampYes6000KClick Here for Price
Anderson Stepless Dimming Floor LampAnderson LampYes3000K-5000KClick Here for Price
Taotronics Dimmable LED Floor Lamp(Convertible Desk Lamp)Yes2800K - 5500KClick Here for Price
AGM Dimmable Floor Lamp Standing Desk LampYes3000K-6000KClick Here for Price
Ottnite Floor LampYes~5500K-6500KClick Here for Price
Brightech Eclipse LED Floor LampAdjustable Rings3000KClick Here for Price
LED Clamp Lamp by Home ConceptYes6400KClick Here for Price
TROND Halo LED Floor LampYes3000-6200KClick Here for Price

1)Brightech Litespan LED Floor Lamp- Best Daylight Lamp for Artists

The Brightech Litespan LED is the most supreme floor lamp out there for artists. Although it does not posses a control panel from where you could quickly control its brightness levels, its high-contrast LED light is surely a factor that serves as game changer. You’ll often note that a lot of aspiring artists become unidirectional when it comes to choosing lamps for long term. 

They might go at the color of the finish or the color temperature of the light emitted by the lamp. While it is true that color temperature plays a crucial role in governing the result of the overall painting, an equally important factor that often gets left out is the CRI (Color Rendering Index). Simply stated CRI is the ability of the light to reveal true colors of the objects that it falls on. 

The CRI of Brightech Litespan lamp is 80. Now you might argue that it is not even close to 100. But, the truth is, it is quite impossible to achieve that kind of value with man-made light sources. Our main concern should be with perceiving the color clarity of the drawing/painting that we are working on. And in my opinion. lamps like this that offer a CRI of 80 are considered best for the kind of job that we are willing to do.  

Tired of lamps that do not have an adjustable gooseneck? The Brightech Litespan LED lamp also consists of an adjustable gooseneck.

What’s even more amazing is that you won’t feel any difference while working on paintings at daytime or at night time. Thanks to its brilliant LEDs that emit natural daylight(6000K).

Apart from that, the LEDs are going to save you a lot of energy. Work without fear of getting huge amounts of bills. This lamp is designed to suit people’s needs who are on a budget.

Do not hesitate while working because this lamp does not get overheated even after long periods. There are several colors in which this lamp comes with. Choose the one that perfectly suits your environment and makes you productive as well.

  • Flexible Gooseneck.

  • Perfect for task lighting.

  • The LEDs are energy efficient.

  • The bulbs never get overheated which means that you can work for as long as you like.

  • Sturdy base.

  • Warranty

  • Not designed decorative/aesthetic purposes.

Anderson Lamp

2) Anderson Stepless Dimming Floor Lamp

The Anderson floor lamp comes with a step-less dimming option in the form of a button which makes it easier for an artist to change the light intensity. This not only saves you time, but it also allows you to set the brightness levels according to your needs. Another feature that a lot of artists make use of is the adjustable color temperature levels.

Some paintings are composed of a diverse range of contrasting colors while others are composed of much simpler colors like black and white. While simpler paintings might not require that much use of the adjustable color temperature options of the light source, the complex sort of paintings that express different notions by the use of different colors certainly would. 

In cases like these when you want to express each color of your paintings uniquely, you can make use of the different light temperature levels that this lamp has to offer. You can use the warmer light temperatures to find out how your paintings look like under warmer lighting environments, say of 3000K, while the 4500K to 5000K temperature ranges can be used to determine the nature of your paintings in warmer and cooler lighting environments, respectively. 

So these features along with many others related to flexibility and user-friendly design prove out to be helpful to a practicing artist in different environments.  

  • 1) Adjustable color temperatures for expressing contrasting colors.
  • 2) Easy touch control to change different settings.
  • 3) Durable LEDs require less maintenance as compared to halogen lamps.
  • 4) Smooth silicone and acrylic material used for manufacturing.
  • 5) No overheating problems.
  • 1) Timer function option not available.

3) Taotronics Dimmable LED Floor Lamp(Convertible Desk Lamp)- Best Natural Light Lamp for Painting

The name itself has a lot to reveal about this lamp. The Taotronics dimmable LED floor lamp is that type of lamp which is admired by all due to its brightness adjustment feature. Different artists need different brightness levels to design the perfect piece of art.

The visual environment also plays a role in determining the right amount of brightness levels. However, it is best up to the person himself to set the right brightness level for his lamp. Just press the button located on the lamp’s center and notice the difference in light levels.

But wait, we do not get done here with the features. Another thing about this lamp that makes people fall in love with it is its changeable light temperatures/colors. Now changing light temperatures is as easy as changing the channels on your TV. You can have warm light or cool light or a mixture of both within a matter of seconds.

If you want to paint pictures that do not require a big board, you can disassemble the Taotronics floor lamp into a reasonable desk lamp. In this way, you can sit and relax while you paint an amazing picture. Convertible floor lamps can make the whole painting experience convenient for us.

Another feature is its stable base. If you have pets or toddlers around, a slight jerk won’t cause that much of a problem but I still advise caution.

So much can be achieved with this smart piece of new technology.

Want your lamp’s light to blend in well with your workroom’s ambient lighting, you have a touch panel right at the center that is going to allow you to make the right changes to your light’s settings. You can check the ideal combinations of color temperature and brightness by testing them yourself.

Just a few simple touches and you have the perfect light available in your room.

  • It comes with a variety of different color temperatures.

  • Its brightness level can be changed easily.

  • This model can be converted from a floor lamp into a table lamp by dissembling.

  • Long-lasting LEDs.

  • Ideal for artwork.

  • Getting used to one color temperature might take some time as this lamp comes with a variety of 5 different CCT options.

  •  Extra care needs to be taken while converting the floor lamp structure into a table lamp structure.


4) AGM Dimmable Floor Lamp Standing Desk Lamp

Another very good example of sheer quality, this robust LED lamp has got all the unique features that guide an artist to pure perfection.

Only an artist can understand how much things like flexibility in a lamp’s design, variable brightness levels and light temperatures matter to a drawing.

To completely meet the demands of an ambitious artist, the AGM dimmable floor lamp is here.

Allow yourself to wallow in the world of fine arts with the most advanced things in your hands to seek amazing results.

Its sturdy design provides a lot of support for the whole structure leaving no fear of imbalance. A small vibration can cause negligible effects however safety must be practiced.

When you want to read instead of drawing something, you can simply convert the floor lamp into a table lamp without any inconvenience

  • This model can be converted from a floor lamp into a table lamp by dissembling.

  • It comes with 4 different color temperatures.

  • Different brightness levels can be adjusted.

  • Good for reading, crafting, and painting purposes.

  • The high-quality light emitted from the bulbs doesn’t cause glare or eye strain.

  • A bit weighty.

5) Ottnite Floor Lamp with a Flexible Neck- Best Desk Lamp for Artists 

If you need a lamp that can stand as tall as the drawing you are working on? Then this Ottnite Floor Lamp is what we recommend.

A very decent lamp with a sturdy base, the Ottnite floor lamp provides a lot of value to its customers. A good lamp for artists is the one that requires less maintenance. Well, if you use the lamp and like it, there is no need to maintain it as it is already done by people who value their products.

These products offer a great variety of activities while requiring little amounts of work for maintenance.

  • Flexible Neck.

  • The new technology provides comfort to your eyes and reduces chances of eye fatigue.

  • Height is adjustable.

  • Sturdy base.

  • Excellent lamp for close work.

  • Might require some maintenance after a few years of usage.

  • It can not be converted into a table lamp like its few competitors.

6) Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

This is a wonderful LED floor lamp. The Brightech Eclipse floor lamp allows you to make full use of its ring lighting feature. This design also makes the Brightech LED Floor Lamp look very unique from others. There is going to be enough brightness in your art studio as the LEDs are going to provide a maximum of 2000 lumens. These LEDs are also very durable.

From a decorative point of view, this futuristic lamp is going to provide your room with some real beauty. Its meant for arts and crafts rooms as well as dining rooms, libraries, drawing rooms, and entrances.

The 3000K warm light would be perfect for an art room’s ambiance. This tall standing lamp also allows you to change its brightness levels via the dim button. You can do your work the way you want to.

  • Good for decorative purposes.

  • Bright enough for daily tasks including writing, crafting, and reading.

  • Dimmable.

  • Long-lasting LED bulbs.

  • Warranty included.

  • Stable base.

  • Too fancy in looks for some users.

  • Its rings are adjustable however adjusting the rings can be a tedious thing.

7) LED Clamp Lamp by Home Concept- A Portable Drawing Lamp

Artists would love this model of LED lamps as it just perfectly meets the criteria of an ideal lamp meant for drawing. It easily fits the desk or the board on which you are practicing your arts. Due to this, there is going to be enough brightness and that too can be concentrated to one region of your workspace as this LED clamp lamp is flexible enough.

It gives out a light of 1222 lumens which seems to be enough from an artist’s point of view, taking close work into consideration. Here are some more lamps designed for close work. There are several lamps meant for fly tying too on this page.

This LED lamp provides daylight of 6400K. For people dealing with macular degeneration and eye strain, I would definitely recommend this lamp. We have got many useful things here too for our old ambitious readers who have a passion for arts!

  • Perfect for artists as this LED clamp lamp can be clamped on to any kind of surface.

  • Provides a great amount of brightness to its users making close work look easier.

  • It comes with a warranty.

  • Work for as long as you like because the LED bulbs are not going to get overheated.

  • Simple design.

  • It could have been a little bigger in size.

  • The lamp must be tightly fitted through its clamps or else the lamp might fall off.

8) Trond Halo LED Floor Lamp- One of the finest LED lighting for artists.

Another very fine example of modern lamps for artists, this lamp can light up your whole art studio in a matter of seconds. This task lamp provides a good amount of brightness. It’s also good for your eyes as the light emitted by this lamp causes no eye fatigue or glare so there’s nothing to worry about it. You can also make full use of the gooseneck as it’s way too flexible.

If there is a need to adjust the angle of the lamp to position the head elsewhere on the board, you can easily do that. Changing light temperatures and brightness is also convenient. Never feel sick with just one light color as there are a lot of options to focus on. This lamp is an artist’s dream. Its an adjustable table lamp too so whenever you feel the need to practice arts in a small workspace, you can easily do that.

  • Easy to assemble.

  • Its brightness levels are adjustable.

  • Its color temperature can be changed as well.

  • The LED bulbs are going to save you a lot of energy.

  • It comes with a 1 year 6 months warranty.

  • Traditional design.

Buyer’s Guide.

As an artist, you will spend a lot of time drawing different things and this might not only include just taking the pencil or pen in your hand and drawing on a piece of paper. Arts is a vast term. It includes everything from expressing your sentiments in the form of painting to sketching someone else’s face.


Correlated Color Temperature:

While buying a lamp, you might wonder whether artists prefer the natural light color or not. Well, this choice varies from one individual to another. However, I would advise you to choose a balanced light temperature. A balanced light temperature would be the one that does not allow one color of your painting to dominate over other colors.

A dominant color in your painting can leave one area too exposed to light while the other area being not too visible. To avoid this kind of distortion, a bulb with a balanced light temperature must be selected. What I mean by this is that the Kelvin rating of the bulb must be somewhere around 3500K to 5500K.(light colors correspond to reading on the Kelvin scale)

Kelvin temperatures of around 2700k can be soft white while a Kelvin temperature of 5000K+ can be said to be daylight. So choose a temperature that gives a certain degree of color contrast to your painting.


Having a lamp in your work room that has adjustable brightness levels is of significant value. Brightness is one factor that influences your overall results along with the color temperature. When you are choosing a dimmable lamp over a non-dimmable lamp, you are allowing yourself to be able to practice arts and crafts over a wide variety of environments. That’s why dimmability plays an important role.

The Flexibility of Gooseneck:  

We all know how much pain can floor lamps without gooseneck cause. Tasks that require our unvarying concentrations like painting become quite hard to accomplish especially when the light is only emitted in one direction.

For this reason, lamps come with flexible goosenecks. This not only saves you from going into difficult positions involving your head to get your work done, but also the probability of you becoming a victim to bad posture can be greatly reduced.

As an artist, you are bound to face numerous challenges if you don’t have a lighting source that offers great flexibility. Nowadays, this problem can be dealt with easily since the LED lamps and the general task lighting has a nice gooseneck or some similar feature that’s specially designed for people like you and me who spend a lot of time doing crafts and related work. Know about the history of lamps here.

Control Panel:

Whenever you want to make small adjustments in brightness levels, setting a timer, or turning the lamp on/off, a control panel always helps. A control panel allows you to make quick changes to your lamp’s settings. This can really be a time-saver. The time that gets wasted in irrelevant tasks while doing work, say adjusting light temperature if measured can amount to a large value.

You can prevent this by choosing a lamp with a control panel:

Best Desk Lamps for Artists:

When art is in your blood, you want to find the best tools, workplace, and skillset to take it to the next level. A desk lamp is one tool that enhances the everyday experience at your desk. Before you go shopping for the best desk lamps for artists, however, you should have done your homework. A desk lamp that is beautiful and energy-conserving but doesn’t light up the details and different colors used in your art is useless for you.

Let’s see a few factors that, once available adequately, give you the best desk lamp for art projects.
First of all, you need to be wary of eye-fatigue that may accompany a strong brightness level from most desk lamps. Although a certain level of eye strain is inevitable under these lamps, you need lamps that use high-quality light that prevents glare. If your concern for eye care is strong enough or if you plan to spend more than 6 hours a day under desk lamps, lamps with soft white diffuser and other eye-care technologies will help you.

In addition to color temperature and its adjustability, consider the color rendering index of any lamp before buying it (CRI). This index is the ability of a lamp to reveal colors in their perfect ratio; thus, giving an insight into art’s outcome.
When it comes to drawing and painting, the most useful desk lamp is a flexible lamp. Flexibility is most needed in physical aspects of its length and area of focus. A gooseneck design is most convenient and allows the artist to set distance and coverage under the light, and that too, with ease.
Flexibility in brightness is another plus point that defines the best desk lamp for artists. Fortunately, this flexibility makes part of most lamps in the form of a dimming knob or a control panel that changes its lumen count at the user’s will.
Although it’s a secondary feature, the long life of a product makes a crucial part of buying decisions.

One feature that often guarantees a longer life of the product is the replace-ability of lamp bulbs. In this case, you can change the bulb once it fuses and gets a new one without needing to change the whole device. Plus, you may choose lamps with a longer warranty to minimize the risk of damage.

Depending on the length and demand of your projects, you may also look for changes in the light and heat of your lamp from constant use. Most lamps get hot after hours of use. You should look for one which gives quality light without getting warm after longer use.

Other features should be considered including the lamp’s position, material, and built-in features. So, if your art sometimes requires you to focus on finer details, a lamp with a built-in magnifying glass is what which will magnify this detail. Desk lamps are more portable than floor lamps and are best when they come with clamps to minimize the desk space they claim.

A great desk lamp for drawing is one that lightens your art’s details and gives you minimal eye fatigue. You can measure the quality of emitted light by looking at their brightness level, color temperature, and flexibility.


Are daylight bulbs bad for your eyes?

LED bulbs with daylight color temperatures are just like CFLs and halogen bulbs in terms of the radiation emitted. If we talk in terms of the UV rays that these different types of bulbs emit, they generally emit low UV radiation as compared to traditional lighting. But still, the number of emitted UV rays by these types of bulbs does not equal 0. 

According to thejoint.com, the best way we can avoid long term eye damage is by not selecting the incandescent bulbs with too cool or bright white color temperatures for our daily use. We have several alternatives to these bulbs in the form of LEDs, halogens, and CFLs. These are popular alternatives among those who are looking to minimize effects caused by the harmful radiation of conventional lights.  

What is the best daylight bulb for artists?

A lot of artists have queries related to setting up a fine environment for themselves so that they can become fully productive. Of course, practicing arts requires clarity of mind and a soothing atmosphere. Not all the rooms in your house or office seem to have that kind of ambiance necessary for an artist’s mind to work.

When it comes to natural daylight, windows are an essential thing to keep the daylight flowing. Everything seems to be perfectly fine under the influence of natural light. You can compare different paintings efficiently, you can pick the right color for your drawing as well as seeing high contrast images. But is there a place for any of this when night approaches?

This is the moment where you shift your focus toward artificial lighting. There is nothing to worry about since artificial lights are also considered to be one of the best aids for an artist. They not only provide a broad spectrum of opportunities to choose from but they also match the properties of natural daylight like nothing else. LED bulbs nowadays have the ability to accurately correspond to the 5000K color temperature that gives the feel of natural daylight. These can be the best daylight bulbs for artists. 

What is the best light for painting?

Like I mentioned above, you would not want just one color to dominate in your painting while other colors just lurk in there. This keeps the essence of an ideal painting away. Would you choose 5 different colors in an equal quantity while you carry out painting or would you want one color to dominate the rest of 4?

This all depends on the type of light temperature that you use which plays a crucial role in keeping things balanced. So 4500-5500K light temperature must be ideal for an art studio. 6000K is fine too. But don’t just rely on one option, you could try several other temperatures too. It requires a bit of lateral thinking. So these were the best lamps for artists.

Conclusion/ Key Takeaways:

By reading most of this post, you can see that it is not that difficult to choose a lamp for your studio for artwork that passes certain criteria that really determine its success. However, if you are still confused, there is no need to worry. There are just 3 key takeaways from this post when it comes to selecting the right lamp for an artist. I have summarized these factors in easy language so that it becomes comprehensible for us all and by using these factors, a lamp can be sorted out real quick:

1) CRI: I also said this earlier that lamps with color rendering index greater than 80 are an excellent choice for artists. These lamps can distinguish easily different colors perceived by our eyes. Their light is plays an important role.   

2) Daylight correspondence: Lamps whose lights closely correspond with the natural light should be preferred over those with too bright light temperatures. This is important especially when dealing with art work since color temperatures close to natural light are another factor that help in clearly distinguishing colors of different objects.

3) Lumen count: All that matters is how much light falls on your painting or near you. A minimum of 2000 lumens is required to carry out crafting activities.   

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