Best lamps for painting miniatures (2020-Buyer’s Guide & Reviews)  

When it comes to painting miniatures, we make use of the magnifying lamps. These lamps are used for performing tasks that require high precision to deal with relatively tiny equipment. Therefore, we are going to discuss some of the best lamps for painting miniatures; magnifying lamps in particular along with reviews.

These reviews will be more than enough to help you know the essentials of a top-class magnifying lamp.

The lamps required for painting miniatures can also be used in a variety of different purposes all requiring high precision when the normal human eye falls short of those limits.


  Brightech Lightview Pro

  Brightech Lightview Pro   Full Spectrum

 Brightech  Lightview Pro  Flex 2 in 1 Table Lamp

  Brightech   Lightview Pro-Puzzle,Craft and Reading Light

      Light It! 

    by Fulcrum


Lightview Pro-Bright Lighted   

   Magnifier for Reading,Crafts and Pro Tasks



 Pro -XL

  Magnifying Glass

Lamp Type

Magnifiying Glass Floor Lamp

Magnifying Floor Glass Lamp

Magnifying Glass LED reading lamp (Convertable table to floor lamp)

LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp for close work

Wireless Magnifying Floor Lamp

LED Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp

Magnifying LED Floor lamp







6X Bifocal lens



Now that you have seen the list of some of the best led magnifying lamps, let us come towards discussing each of the aforementioned lamps and how these lamps can help you in making your daily tasks such as reading, writing, and painting easy. In addition to this, these magnifying lamps are best suited for industrial and clinical purposes as well.

1)Brightech Lightview Pro

This lamp has all the great things gathered in one place. After using this lamp, you will have to say goodbye to various eye problems that people come across due to old age. The Brightech Lightview Pro comes with a unique glass magnifier lens that makes the task of revealing intricacies easy. 

After you place an object under the lens to study, the high magnification of the led lamp is going to allow you to make a close observation with no complications. Now, whether it is the painting of miniatures that you want to carry out or some drawing of a castle, the 3 diopter glass lens is ready to make you feel all the differences that lie within each measurement or a painting.

Knowing small details can make a large difference and Brightech Lightview Pro is all set to make your first masterpiece outshine any other along its way. One last thing to remember about this lamp is that it is a multipurpose lamp, the tasks mentioned in its review are just one of the very few examples of the way this lamp works.   

Important Specifications: 

1) This lamp is Dimmable.

2) Use this lamp for a large period of time and you won’t feel even a slight of burning sensation that people using other lamps feel due to overheating of the glass bulb.

3) No hands required to hold the lamp.

4) Saves energy

See the table above for price

2)Brightech Lightview Pro Full Spectrum

This is another great lamp built for magnifying purposes. This is specially designed for those suffering from macular degeneration and other related eye diseases. Its diopter glass magnifying lens has such a great magnifying power that observing very minute details becomes a very easy task.

Just like the previous magnifying lamp, all you need to do to use this lamp is adjust the position of its head initially where it suits them best and then start working with the help of this lamp. You will not find any need to change the position of the magnifying lamp’s neck again if you set it right the first way.

Every word that you read, every picture that you see on a paper with the help of this lamp is going to be enhanced to meet your vision. Every perceivable thing gets even more perceivable thanks to Brightech Lightview’s 1.75x magnification power. The best light for miniature painting is the one which can enhance the picture quality and so this lamp is going to meet all the conditions required for painting miniatures, writing, drawing, sewing, knitting and other various forms of crafting.

 Important Specifications:

1) It comes with warranty.

2) Adjustable neck.

3) 1.75 x magnification lets you easily access the hidden letters, messages and texts found within a piece of intellectual work.

4) Simple design.


3)Brightech Lightview Pro Flex 2 in 1 Table Lamp

The great thing about this magnifier lamp is that it is simple in design: This makes your tasks easier. The flexibility in its design is of immense importance as different tasks involve different orientation of lamp. Its adjustable gooseneck allows you to deal with minute objects comfortably and you will no longer get frustrated after doing long hours of work that requires precision and accuracy.

The 3 diopter glass lens accompanied by LED lights would be bright enough to provide a good quality of magnified image. Plus you won’t need to adjust the lamp by hands because of its greater flexibility.

Important Specification:

1) Highly flexible.

2) Clamp table and desk lamp.

3) Runs on moderate energy levels.

4) Provides 1.75 x magnification with its 3 diopter glass lens.

5) Ideal for stitching, painting miniatures, reading and writing.


4)Brightech Lightview Pro-Puzzle,Craft and Reading Light

The Brightech Lightview Pro is all set to become your no.1 magnifying lamp with its 2.25 x magnifying ability. Unlike several other desk lamps for painting miniatures, it magnifies the objects 225x its original resolution which means that people suffering from various eye impairments and weak eyesight can easily do their work with the help of this lamp.

Its diopter glass lenses make close work extremely easy. Whether it’s the book that you have always wanted to read for years but were not able to or some other close work that required close concentration can now be done with the presence of this lamp.

Remember that this lamp is meant to be used by people of all age groups and not just people with weak eyesight.

Important Specification:

1) It possesses 225x magnification power.

2) Best for people with weak eyesight.

3) Adjustable gooseneck.

4) Saves energy.




5)Light It! by Fulcrum

This model of magnifier lamp comes with LED Floodlight technology. The metal neck is adjustable from 24” to 42” depending on the user’s needs. Small letters and large chunks of text that can not be easily read by a naked eye can now become easily perceivable with the help of this lamp.

Its 6x bifocal lens is going to provide ample magnification for each and every word that you view through it. Not only this but you can also do daily chores like knitting, sewing and writing with pinpoint accuracy. No hands will be required for further positioning after setting this lamps neck to the right length initially.

This lamp is powered by a battery or an AC supply. Additionally, the LED floodlights are extremely durable and their long lasting ability adds to the longevity of the lamp life. All the things that you need in a contemporary LED magnifying lamp are found in this lamp.

Important Specifications:

1) Easily adjustable: The metallic gooseneck is flexible.

2) The floodlight technology provides a fine illumination with no hesitation to the viewer’s eye along with ample magnification.

3) The 6x bifocal lens provides ample magnification and makes your observation effective.

4) Portable along with zero complications in usage.



6)Brightech Lightview Pro-Bright, Lighted Magnifier for Reading,Crafts and Pro Tasks

A good magnifying lamp which can be attached to the wall, the Brightech Lightview Pro can almost do any task related to magnifying and enhancing the picture quality of an object placed underneath it. The 2.25x magnification of this lamp is going to zoom in even the smallest of the letters found on a page and broaden every image that is worth seeing so that no one gets left behind due to his/her inability to read small text and view pictures.

Flexibility is one important factor that keeps a magnifying lamp in use for a considerably long period of time and the flexibility that this lamp has to offer is noteworthy. The adjustment of the Brightech Lightview Pro’s head is going to be totally based on your needs and you won’t hesitate to read or write under this lamp without using your hands for adjustment.

Important Specifications: 

1) Dimmable.

2) Easily Adjustable.

3) Flexible gooseneck.

4) Light colours are changeable.

5) Saves energy.




7) Brightech Lightview Pro-XL Magnifying Glass

If you are looking for a 5 ft tall magnifier lamp for various commercial purposes, Brightech Lightview XL lamp is the right one to look for. This mobile version of  magnifier lamps comes with a movable base. The 6 wheels attached to the lower end of the base remove any chances of the lamp body toppling off while moving.

Apart from that, the integrated LED portion within the head provides a luminous source of light which makes tasks like crafting, painting, and sewing relatively easy. The 2.25 magnification power is another important factor that comes to mind when judging the lamps’ ability to enlarge pictures of various objects. The lofty nature of this lamp makes it very straightforward to operate.

Allow this lamp to take over your professional life and notice wonders in your career. The LED lights do not overheat which means that you can work as long as you like without the fear of burning your hands or some other power failures that are common in most of the lamps.

Important Specifications:

1) Rolling base supported by 6 wheels.

2) 5 feet tall versatile lamp.

3) Adjustable arms.

4) Offers higher resolution of the picture to be seen through 5 diopter lens

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Best Desk Lamps for Painting Miniatures: Conclusion

Coming all the way from the top of the page, you now have got the basic idea of how a magnifier lamp works  and what factors you need to keep in mind before buying a 1.75x magnifying lamp or a 2.25x magnifying lamp. The magnification power of magnifying lamp you choose mainly depends upon your eyesight.

Of course, with aging and macular degeneration, you will want to buy a lamp with a greater magnification ability. Talking about the history of miniature painting, it’s concept has remained very delightful in the past as well as in the present. 

A good miniature painting light source allows you to work effortlessly with no difficulty. On this page, I have mentioned all those lamps which do make a difference in your life when you start working with them.

The purpose of enlisting all the good LED magnifying desk lamps was to inform you a little bit about the general structure of the lamp along with how these lamps work. Different magnifying lamps come with different LED lights option and different magnification strengths.

The best ones are those which can greatly enhance the quality of the image and the ones which have the ability to last long. Make sure that the lamps that you choose to buy do not get overheated after long hours of remaining on. Flexibility is another great thing that magnifying desk lamps have to offer. You will need to adjust the position of the lamp’s head and for this purpose magnifying desk lamps come with adjustable goosenecks.