Top Quality Desk Lamps: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews (2020)

Are you having a hard time deciding on which lamp to buy? If yes, then don’t worry because we have got you covered up. 

This page is going to feature some of the best quality desk lamps with full details and specifications, to help you make the right decision. Lamps are getting modern day by day. This means that there is a frequent change in their structures and not all of these structural modifications are conducive to their working performance.

We will feature 8 of the best lamps of our choice and those lamps will have all the features that are consistent with the type of experience a user wants:

1) Colby Modern Desk Table Lampquality desk lamp

If you are tempted by the elegant designs of different lamps, then you should probably consider buying Colby Modern Desk Table Lamp. With its unique silver-plated body, it can stand upright on a table/desk and spread light efficiently without any flickering issues. You will want to note that this lamp comes with a drum shade of 10.5-inch width to make the light flow more efficient.

You can also charge your lamp while you study or make some other working progress as the latter comes with a USB port. This is all done to make life easier for you. Your living room will be entitled to have such a thing.

Special Features:

a)It comes with an on/off switch making it easier for you to turn on or off the lamp even when it is connected to the power supply. You can use an LED bulb for better brightness results though it comes with a halogen bulb option.

b) Its unique design is going to add more beauty to your workplace.

c)This lamp does not weigh much. This means that you can use this lamp as a portable source of light. Whether you want to use the lamp in your office or room, you can take it with you.

d)Its brushed metal surface offers a compact design and gives support to the overall structure of the lamp. This leaves no margin for error in the lamp’s working and function.

Reviews:4.5 out of 5 on Amazon

2)Oneach USB Table Lamp Set of 2- Modern Bedside Desk Lamp


If you are in dire need of a lamp that supplies sufficient light and at the same time has a USB port to charge your phone, then the Oneach USB Table Lamp is the best choice for you. Oneach USB table lamp is an "amazon's choice" badge achiever with over 400 positive ratings.

This USB table lamp comes in pair and is made to offer a lasting solution to charging and lighting all at the same time. Oneach made this USB table lamp to be classic, sleek, and of high quality. It makes a room look glamorous and gives out a warm feeling.

The location of your room outlets doesn't matter, with this lamp you can charge your devices with comfort and still light up your room.

Useful Features:

  1. A USB port: This lamp port is compatible with all electronic devices, including iPhone, Android, Samsung, and Google Pixel.
  2. It uses the recommended LED.
  3. It's straightforward to assemble, and have an average weight.
  4. It has a power of 60 watts, and 110 volts.
  5. It is perfect for bedrooms with a modern minimalist style, also for living rooms, study, and office.


3) Amity Modern Table Lamp-Possini Euro Design

This unique table lamp gets 10 out of 10 for its elegant design. This Possini Euro design lamp has 26-inch height along with 8-inch wide base. You can use 2 bulbs supported by 2 separate stands for each bulb. Furthermore, with this lamp’s USB port, you could charge your mobile or tablet and do multi-tasking. As life gets busier, you are never going to run out of time.

Meanwhile, this lamp is going to offer you simple solutions to complete your tasks in time with tranquility. This is a high-tech lamp simply for its unmatched option of charging up various devices such as phones,smart watches etc. Interested in knowing about lamps meant for fly tying purposes? Check our article on lamps meant for fly tying.

Special Features:

a)Simply designed to meet all of the quality standards.

b)It comes with on/off switches so turning this lamp on or off is a simple task.

c)As we mentioned earlier, its USB port allows a user to charge mobile phones or other devices. It also comes with a power outlet in the base. Whether it’s your iPhone or some other hi-tech device that needs some recharging, this lamp is definitely going to come in handy in situations like this for you.

d)Its contemporary design provides a fine picture to the room. As beautiful as it looks, its light color will make you fall in love with this lamp.

Reviews: 4.7 out of 5

desk lamp4) Dragonfly Tiffany-style Table Lamp

If you are more into lamps that have a great design, I will probably suggest you take a look at one of the finest of Tiffany’s creations: the dragonfly tiffany-style table lamp. This lamp fits the definition of a quality desk lamp. The body of the lamp consists of stained glass giving the lamp a touch of fine color.

These small pieces of stained glass when incorporated into the metal foundation of the lamp, give us a visual effect of real gems. For aesthetic lovers, this lamp is pure gold. We also feature some luscious mid-century lamps like this one too.

Special Features:

a) Its finely decorated metal body gives you an aesthetic sense, this lamp is specially made for art lovers.

b)This lamp uses 2 light bulbs and guarantees efficient light flow for your everyday tasks. It also uses 1 bulb in the base. You can expect this lamp to put out a fair amount of light.

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5

5) Brightech Noah LED Bedside Table & Desk Lamp

The Brightech Noah LED lamp has a decent shape to offer. This lamp comes with a simple design and the cool thing about this lamp is its wooden base. Whether your bedroom needs a warm glow or your workplace needs some soft ambiance, this lamp is going to provide you with just the right kind of atmosphere that you are going to need. Here are some more lamps specially meant for reading purposes with reviews.

Special Features:

a)It comes with a long-lasting LED bulb option.

b)Its dark base color has an impressive outlook.

c) Don’t have enough brightness in your room? This lamp is going to offer a good amount of brightness that your room will never feel dull. This lamp can transform your ambiance in a matter of time.

d) It is well-suited to almost any sort of environment be it your drawing room or kitchen, this lamp has all it takes to stand out alone.

Reviews:4.4 out of 5

6) Brody Vintage Farmhouse Industrial Desk Lamp

You will completely forget the definition of vintage lamps when you are going to see Brody Vintage Farmhouse Lamp. This genuine piece of lamp made from brass and bronze has a compelling bodywork. It is of no doubt that this lamp is made for the purpose of efficient light flow. 

An intermediate of modern and pre-modern lamps, this lamp nearly fulfills all the demands of antique lovers. This lamp could be the ultimate gift you have always been longing to give to your loved ones.

Special Features:

a) It comes with a USB port in its base. Charging phone has become easier than ever with now almost every lamp having a smart USB option.

b)The height of the lamp is 22.5-inch which is sufficient to overcome the problems of inadequate light flow into the vicinity.

c)It contains perforated shade. The shade produces an enthralling effect in the eyes of the people.

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars

7) Mid-Century Modern Accent Table Lamps

Accent light lovers are going to love this novel piece of work. The mid-century table lamp is not just used for the purpose of emitting light, its luxurious design intrigues all the people towards itself. If you have always wanted a decent bedside table lamp, then this quality lamp is surely for you. When it comes to lamps, all that matters is space. The space that you own matters a lot for your mental comfort.

Special Features:

a) These accent lamps can light the surrounding area with their warm lights.

b) They also come in a variety of colors. Choose the one that suits you the most. Click below to select the colors.

c)Ideal for use in drawing rooms, kitchens, study places, etc.

Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars

8) Ted Traditional Desk Table Lamp

The ted traditional desk lamp comes with a highly metallic bronze body. Its coolest feature is that it requires a simple touch on its body to turn on. This lamp is one of the finest lamps in the world. Install one of these lamps in your room and see the magnificent aura that gets created by this lamp’s presence. If you’re interested in painting miniatures and crafting, you can also read our separate article here.

Special Features:

a)It comes with a touch option to turn on.

b)Modern in design.

c)Fulfills the purpose of spreading light without hassle.

Reviews: 4.4 out of 5

So I hope you all enjoyed reading some of the finest reviews of the carefully picked quality desk lamps that are set to meet all of your standards.You can also read about magnifying lamps here. These are some top-quality lamps.

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These lamps must bring all the warmth in your life. I chose these lamps in my list on the basis of their performance, user reviews, and qualities so these lamps are guaranteed to outperform various other lamps in their category. There must be no difficulty now in making the right buying decisions since we have listed out all the facts one by one about these lamps

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