Vintage mid century desk lamps

We feature some of the best vintage mid century desk lamps here. This page highlights the essential qualities of these lamps that you must know before buying these lamps.

The amazing design that these lamps come with has a lot to do with their history.


When it comes to providing light with style, the mid-century lamps have always proved out to be reliable. These lamps not only have set the standard high for most of the interior lighting designs but they have also provided value to their users over time. The glamorous design that these quality lamps possess often leave the visitors spellbound.  

I have enlisted some important factors that help to differentiate between the various sorts of mid-century desk lamps. So before making purchases, you will be all set to buy the best lamp.

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Vintage Mid Century Desk Lamps: Buyer's Guide

The mid-century lamps have been popular since the day they came out. The reason for their popularity mainly includes their unorthodox design, their usage in different environments and the materials that make up these lamps. If you find one of these lamps as relics in your local museum, don’t be surprised as they all are made to catch the viewers’ attention.

 Glamour: Almost all the mid-century desk lamps are designed to keep the people captivated inside the room. It is no doubt that most people consider buying a mid-century lamp when they want something new in their room to give the room its due charm.

These lamps prove out to be an efficient source of light depending on which bulb type you use. Whether it’s the foyer of the hotel or an entrance to the concert hall, the true natural ambiance can only be achieved when the mid-century desk lamp is put on a suitable desk with a suitable color.

Type of bulb: The type of bulb that you use also has to do a lot with the ambiance of the lamp’s surroundings. If you want the Kelvin rating of the bulb to be 5000K Daylight, then that is normal. Most of the lamp bulbs come with the 5000K Daylight color. If you want to replace the lamp’s bulb with a newer one, always read the instruction manual first. This will help you avoid inconvenience in the long run.

You can choose any type of bulb that you like. Whether it is LED, CFL or incandescent type, you will want to have that particular bulb which lasts for a long period. This is because frequently changing the bulb causes the lifespan of a lamp to shorten. Apart from that, always be aware of the different power inputs that these lamps come with.

Natural Color: If you want your lamp bulbs to emit the light color of natural daylight, you will want to use halogen bulbs. Although these bulbs are less efficient than LED bulbs, they can really provide a natural daylight color which is similar to that of daylight.

 Pair match: For multiple lamps, you might wonder whether the 2 or more lamps must match or not.

Below is the table of comparison. Select the best lamp that you like and read their full reviews below the table:

1)Rocco Mid Century Modern Table Lamp by 360 lighting

When life gets a little dim, rekindle it by choosing the Rocco Mid Century Style Table Lamp. After a long period of time, the lamp designers have found what all the lamp users wanted, and that is a light-colored ceramic coating.

While it looks pretty normal to choose a mid century task lamp that has a fairly dark color, it takes a great amount of time to actually find the right blue colored ceramic coated lamp body.

The reason is that bright colors like white or yellow tend to get very fancy in the viewers’ eyes. A balance, therefore, is required to exist between the fanciness and the uniqueness of the lamp. This results in a finer outlook. 

The Rocco Mid Century Modern Table Lamp by 360 lighting is just what users love to have. With its cherry finish wood, this lamp’s base is optimized for providing enough stability to the overall body so that you don’t have to worry about this lamp falling off the table.

You never see style go hand in hand with the structure in most of the lamps except for this one.  

Bright Features:

1) A luscious design.

2) Cherry wood finish.

3) Blue colored ceramic body.

4) A lofty table lamp good enough for your house or any other place.

Price: Click Here for Price


2)Rivet Mid-Century Brass Table Desk Lamp 

One thing I personally admire about this lamp is its brass rod connecting the fabric shade of the lamp with the walnut base. This creates a composition of 2 unique colors which look very pleasing to the eye. You can also look for different lamp bases here.

Another good example of fine design, this versatile lamp can be placed in a lot of different places ranging from libraries to museums where people look towards these mid-century lamps as something very peculiar, yet wonderful. 

The Rivet mid-century style lamp is a wonderful piece of work. Get it in your workplace and see it transform the monotonousness in your room into complete glamour. Because glamour is what this lamp offers.

If you intend to use this model as your study lamp, you totally can. Read for long hours under the influence of this mid century modern desk lamp and notice the tranquil environment it creates for your mind to give its best. 

Bright Features

1) Fabric shade.

2) Easy to support.

3) Suits the best with desks and tables.

4) LED bulbs help to save energy.

5) It can be used for decorative as well as for industrial purposes.

Price: Click Here for Price


3) Andi Mid Century Modern Table Lamp by 360 Lighting

This lamp is another fine work of 360 lighting brand. If you admire beauty, style, and charm then we definitely have to mention this lamp. The base of the lamp consists of ceramic material which gives the lamp its glow.

What’s special about this lamp is that it is handcrafted. You will find this lamp in better variations of itself and that is why each one of the lamps in this series differs. It is really a unique factor that comes with very few models of the lamp. 

This is a type of lamp that fulfills the purpose of most of the places just by staying put.You might also want to know about some of the very essential tips for decorating your house. These ideas can come in handy while renovating your house.  The warm wood neck of this mid-century lamp is the epitome of a mid-century lamp with excellent texture. This is a must-have for your bedrooms and drawing rooms.

Bright Features::

1) Suites best with wooden desks or tables.

2) Add some fresh feeling in your room with its off-white shade.

3) The warm wood base adds to the beauty of the lamp.

4) Easy to set up.

5) Dimmable.

6) Use any type of bulb that you like e.g LED, incandescent, etc.

Price: Click Here for Price


4)Kenroy Home Free Fall Table Lamp

This lamp’s unique design is pretty amazing. The suspended natural slate articulates with a beautiful dark bronze base. This lamp mostly belongs to tables on which it might be placed with or without its matching pair. Satisfaction is guaranteed with this lamp. With its fine shape, this lamp just changes the way you think about other lamps. 

This Kenroy table lamp is compatible with Alexa meaning that you can turn the lamp on and off by simply giving a voice command to Alexa. You will not find many flaws however if you do, this lamp comes with a 1-year warranty.

Your rooms now don’t need a conventional LED lamp because this 30” tall lamp tells a lot about some of the finest light sources on earth. It would be great to use this lamp at night whether it’s in your room or your main family room because the aura that it gives to the room is immensely warm. 

Bright Features: 

1) Alexa compatible.

2) Beautiful design.

3) Tall lamp.

4) Easy to install.

Price: Click Here for Price

5)Tremont Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

Give yourself a little treat by adding Tremont vintage mid-century modern table lamp. A mid-century lamp never gets better than this. If you are looking for a simple lamp that has the potential to outshine all the other lamps, we would definitely recommend the Tremont mid-century lamp.

With its fine bronze body collaborating with a smooth fabric drum, this modern lamp is all set to provide you with a real warm environment so that even in the hardest of times, you are feeling great.

 Bright Features:

1) Simple yet astonishing design.

2) You can either have one bulb on or both bulbs on, it is totally up to you.

3) Wonderful design with a fabric lampshade.

4) Bronze finish.

5) 31.5” tall.

 Price: Click Here for Price

6) Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 by  Barnes and Ivy

Add extra beauty to your house with these traditional lamps by Barnes and Ivy. Their wonderful design includes a Bronze finish along with a polyresin construction.

Get a feeling of excitement by having these lamps in your room as the light tan rectangular shade provides a decent atmosphere for your room. A great vintage mid century desk lamp never disappoints its users in every aspect and that’s why we have got this lamp pair to prove its worth in front of you.

Getting a nice mid century table lamp that can transform your surroundings into real enjoyable vibes was never that easier till the arrival of this wonderful lamp. 

Bright Features: 

1) The bronze finish of this lamp really speaks a volume about quality designing.

2) The rectangular shade disperses warm light which is important for a cozy environment.

3) This lamp has an elegant body composed of polyresin.

4) Easy on/off switch.

5) Lofty lamps with a height of 32.5 ”

6) Best suited for halls and a perfect thing to have for your interior.

 Price: Click Here for Price

7) Rivet Black Metal Tripod Table Lamp

This lamp redefines an ideal mid-century table lamp as it consists of 3 black colored legs that form a tripod. The tripod provides extra stability to the overall structure, removing any fear of this lamp falling off.

The prepossessing white lampshade allows the combination of 2 different colors as seen from the viewers of this lamp as the shade provides the white color with the tripod providing black color. This really makes a difference.

Whether it’s your office table which needs enhancement in style or it’s your living room to which you want to provide extra beauty. This all can be achieved with the help of this old school Rivet Tripod Mid Century Table Lamp.

Bright Features:

1) It consists of a tripod.

2) Easy to assemble.

3) Affordable.

4) It provides extra glamour to its surroundings.

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