11 Best Flood Lights for Backyard – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

When it comes to illuminating a certain area, whether that area is small or big, flood lights play an important role in providing light to that area. There are a lot of factors which account for the overall efficiency of these lights. These factors include the color temperature of the flood light’s bulb, the lumens that the flood light bulb has to offer, and whether the flood lights are versatile enough to endure a wide variety of places or not. Let us take a look at some of the best flood lights for the backyard. 

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Best Flood lights for Backyard in 2019:

1) Onforu LED Flood Lights – Ideal for Backyards

With a 120-degree beam angle along with 10000 lumens of white daylight, the Onforu floodlights will keep your house secure and the yards bright enough. What’s even more important is that this flood light is waterproof and it’s going to remain functional even during heavy rains, without causing heavy electricity bills. Thanks to its energy-efficient 100W LED bulbs. 

This flood light is suitable for indoors as well as outdoors. Simply install these lights wherever you want to use them.A full 5-year warranty that comes with these lights means that you must be more than comfortable while considering to buy these lights. 


1) Numerous LED bulbs integrated with this light provide a great quality of bright light which scales up to 10000 lumens.

2) You can save a lot of money by replacing the halogen flood lights with the LED flood lights as the LED bulbs are way more energy efficient than halogens.

3) These flood lights are waterproof,you could use them at any time that you like.

4) No hassle is involved in these lights’ installation.

5)  The flood lights come with a 5-year warranty.

6) Beam angle of 120 degrees allows a more even distribution of light towards the surface.


1) The Onforu LED lights come with just a single color temperature of 5000K Daylight White.

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2) Hyperikon Pro Waterproof Flood light – for Backyards

The Hyperikon Pro is a wonderful example of a modern LED flood light: Firstly, the waterproof flood light is durable enough to last for more than 40,000+ hours. Secondly, the LED bulbs present inside the light can produce an astonishing amount of 32,000 lumens, which is more than enough to meet the brightness needs of big warehouses, football grounds, and most importantly your backyard. 

Additionally, the 5-year warranty that comes with the Hyperikon Pro flood lights puts you in no danger of losing your money. We all know how important the waterproof feature of floodlights is, and this light also does not fall short of this feature.


1) The LEDs produce a bright light of overall 32000 lumens.

2) This floodlight is IP67 rated, which makes it a versatile product.

3) 5-year warranty.

4) The flood lights are highly durable which means that you don’t need to replace the fixtures for a long time once they are operating.

5) Waterproof.


1)  The flood light has a beam angle of just 60 degrees as compared to other lights which have a beam angle of 120 degrees.

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3) Hyperikon LED Stadium Floodlight

Modern bulbs fail to provide an adequate amount of light especially when it comes to lighting up several large areas like stadiums, playgrounds, and giant yards. That’s why the brilliant Hyperikon flood lights are designed to meet the visual needs of multipurpose grounds and stadiums because these are the types of places that demand an ever-increasing amount of light.

The Hyperikon LED stadium flood lights provide an excellent light with a color temperature of 5000K which will suit most of the bigger areas. Apart from that, these lights come with a full 5-year warranty. The Hyperikon flood light is also ETL listed.


1) The LEDs produce a bright light of 26,000 lumens.

2) The energy efficient LED bulbs are going to save you a lot of electricity bill in future.

3) ETL-listed flood light.

4) The fixtures last for more than 45,000+ hours, meaning that they will require very little maintenance in the long run.

5) A full 5-year warranty is guaranteed.


1) Few of the LEDs might not produce enough light after few years of operating. However this does not imply for all of the LEDs present in the fixture.

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4)Ammon LED Flood Light – Great for visual purposes

Another very fine example of modern LED flood lights, the Ammon LED flood lights have got all that you need in an ideal floodlight.

The chips produce an overall 20,000 lumen which is enough for lighting up big areas. This floodlight emits a glare-free light that does not affect your eyesight. In addition to this, the floodlight is designed to meet IP65 standards meaning that it won’t get damaged even after a considerable amount of water hits the fixture. 

Furthermore, this flood light does not emit harmful radiations such as UV or gamma rays, making it eco-friendly.


1) Eco-friendly.

2) Durable: Offers more than 50,000 hours of operating.

3) Ideal for backyards, stadiums, wider areas and fields.

4) Comes with a 5-year warranty.


1) Might take some time to install.

2) No motion sensor present.

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5) Lepower LED Flood Light – For  Lawn/Garage/Garden

The Lepower flood light eliminates the need for a 500W halogen bulb. This means that you can save up to 80% energy bills. Most importantly, the floodlight can be turned on and off with the simple switch present on the cord. This floodlight also has an amazing heat dissipation system. 

The Lepower LED floodlight is also FCC qualified making it extra safe for indoor and outdoor lighting purposes. This model is also waterproof so the rain does not cause as many problems as it otherwise would.

No glare is produced and you can continue working under the influence of this light without getting your eyes strained. Its long lifespan is another factor that contributes greatly to the overall success in the working of this light.


1) This flood light is IP66 waterproof.

2) It comes with a 18-month warranty. 

3) The beam angle is 120 degrees and so the light emitted is glare free.

4) Extremely bright to suit big areas’ visual needs.

5) You can save 80 percent of your electricity bills by replacing the halogen bulbs with the all new LED flood lights like Lepower.


1) Short warranty duration might cause a little worry if the lights stop working after few years.

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6) Szpiostar Waterproof LED Flood Light

This Szpiostar flood light has an excellent heat dissipation system along with LED bulbs of 1200W equivalent halogen bulbs. Just like the previous fixture we discussed, you can save up to 80% of your electricity bills.

The cord is designed in such a way that installing the flood lights to different places becomes a very easy task. Whether it is a football field or a large stadium, these lights suit almost every different environment in which they are placed. The color temperature which these lights have to offer is 6000K. 

Most importantly, unlike the previous LED flood light, this one has to offer a full 3-year warranty leaving the customers with more time to test this light.


1) The LEDs produce a bright light of 20,000 lumens which is enough for large areas.

2) This model is IP65 waterproof.

3) Experience a glare-free and flicker-free lighting by installing these flood lights.

4) The heat dissipation system is up to date.

5) This model comes with a 3-year warranty. 


1) The LED Flood lights can not be used under water.

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7) Ustellar Outdoor Flood Light- For Security

The Ustellar flood lights are excellent in terms of security. These lights provide a 5000K daylight white color temperature along with 80 lumens per watt, thereby fulfilling the purpose of most of the floodlights.

The one aspect of these flood lights which needs to be highlighted is that these lights have an IP66 waterproof rating. Due to this, the flood lights can operate under a variety of different climates and different temperatures.

Like many other great LED flood lights, you can save up to 80 percent of your electricity bills by replacing the halogen bulbs. This flood light also has to offer a greater angle over which it can be rotated. So whenever you want to focus light on further regions of bigger areas, you just have to rotate these lights and do nothing else.

This harmless LED flood light also comes with a 3-year warranty.


1) A full 3-year warranty is guaranteed.

2) These lights are waterproof.

3) Save a lot of electricity bills by using these cost-effective LED lights.

4) An Excellent heat dissipation system is included.


1) No motion sensing system is present.

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8) Hyperikon Motion Sensor LED Flood Light

Make the most out of modern technology as the Hyperikon motion-sensing LED garden security lights/ floodlights are here to keep your surroundings secure like never before. These lights are also very bright producing about 90 lumens/watt.

You will never face any difficulty in setting up different perimeters like brightness and range as these are already present as buttons on the flood light. What you have to do is simply select the different perimeters yourself and let the lights do the remaining work.

Whether the weather is extremely hot or unbearably cold, these lights will work no matter what. So it is definitely worth having them at your backyard for full brightness and maximum security.

The Hyperikon flood lights also an an IP rating of 65 making them a very versatile instrument. 


1) Motion sensing LED flood lights meant for security purposes.

2) No need to turn these lights on by yourself.

3) Extremely bright.

4) They have a 100 degrees beam angle. 

5) This model comes with a full 5-year warranty.

6) Functional in every physical condition.


1) Motion sensors might not work for some time.

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9) B2ocled LED Flood Light- Landscape Light for Backyard & Outdoor

The B20cled is a waterproof landscape security floodlight. You can save up to 90% of your electricity bills by having these lights in your home.

It is also IP65 waterproof. The B20cled is most useful in factories, garages, and yards where there needs to be an adequate amount of light present for normal activities. The 30W LEDs provide a great amount of light so that your vicinity never holds that dim vibe again.


1) Bright source of light.

2) Save up to 90% of electricity bills.

3) IP65 waterproof.

4) Very little to no maintenance required.

5) Long lifespan.


1) No motion-sensing technology present.

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10) Hyperikon Super Bright LED Flood Light

Make use of the most prominent and the brightest outdoor floodlight as the Hyperikon Super Bright LED flood light emits a total of 20,000 lumens, which is more than enough to light up huge areas such as stadiums, fields, and parks.

Another very important feature of the flood lights is that their LED bulbs have an amazing lifespan of more than 45,000 hours. This eliminates the need for further replacements and repairing of the lights in the future.

The Hyperikon flood lights can also work in a variety of temperatures. Whether it is cold or hot, you can expect these lights to lighten up your most important areas without a single problem


1) Extremely bright source of light.

2) The LED bulbs have a long lifespan of more than 45,000 hours.

3) These lights come with a 5-year warranty.

4) DLC 4.3 qualified & ETL listed.

5) Easy installation.

6) Remain functional under different temperatures.

7) Best for lighting up large areas.


1) It requires some sort of maintenance in the long run.

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11)Amico LED Security Flood Light

Amico security floodlights are far more superior and agile than most of the floodlights that are meant for security and general lighting purposes. The Amico flood light contains strong and sensitive motion sensors that can sense motion even at larger distances of up to 50FT. 

These lights are equipped with LEDs which can produce a total light of 2800 lumens. Its 3 lighting time modes are going to leave you with plenty of room for making decisions based on your needs. This option makes them one of the best outdoor motion floodlights.

The important feature of the Amico security floodlights is that these lights are IP65 waterproof. These lights are going to prove their worth whether in a rainy environment or not. You must also make full use of these lights testing and experiencing its true colors since it comes with a 5-year warranty.


1) 5-year warranty.

2) ETL certificated.

3) IP65 waterproof.

4) Ideal for garages, workshops, factories, and backyards.

5) Require very little maintenance as compared to other lights.


1) It takes time to set up and install these lights if you are new.

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A few important factors to consider before buying the best-LED floodlights for home:

Brightness: As always, brightness plays an important role when it comes to floodlights in particular and conventional lighting in general. You would want the floodlights to emit at least 1500 lumens of light. That way, an adequate amount of light is going to prevail in your backyard or any other large area. 

The general rule is that the greater the area is, the more lumens a floodlight needs to provide in order to maintain minimum light levels. 

Beam angle: The beam angle simply tells us how wide would be the light spread on a surface as measured from the source. A beam angle of 80 degrees seems fine for most of the areas such as parks and factories. However, that depends entirely on how many floodlights are present. If you have an area that has several of the floodlights already installed, then you can choose the floodlight with the least beam angle. But that depends entirely on you.

A larger beam angle is needed when you have a small number of lights installed in the area that you want to light up. But if there’s a small area such as that of your backyard, then a small beam angle of say 60-80 degrees should be enough.

Motion sensing: This is one of the most amazing features that comes along with the flood lights. If you are installing the LED flood lights for security purposes, then you would want to choose the flood lights that have motion sensors. These sensors simply detect motion taking place at different distances and inform you. On this page, we have mentioned several flood lights that do have a motion sensor integrated with them.

Warranty: You would want the flood lights to come with at least 1-year warranty. The reason is that it takes time to fully observe the activity of flood lights. If the flood lights stop working after 1 year then you would end up with a loss. However this does not happen generally because there are a number of top-quality flood lights manufactured from some of the most prestigious brands. The majority of flood lights mentioned on this page come with a long term warranty period.

Durability: You would always want to choose those LED flood lights that have a long lifespan of around more than 45,000 hours. The LEDs are more valuable than most of the halogen bulbs present on the market. These LEDs are more energy-efficient and so cheaper than halogens and CFLs. 

Waterproof: Most of the flood lights listed on this page are waterproof. This is another important feature that the lights must possess because the floodlights have to deal with different weather throughout the year. Therefore, the best floodlights are the ones that are waterproof and those that can withstand a variety of temperatures as well. 

So I hope you enjoy reading this article about best outdoor LED floodlight reviews. You can also contact us for further queries on the contact us page.