Best UV Lamps for UV Resin- Buyer’s Guide and Reviews (2021)

If you have had a hard time in the past trying to deal with resins, and in trying to solidify UV printers and various objects, then you might have also looked for solutions online like UV lamps or heaters that are used to cure these types of things.

The solution that I have presented on this page are the best UV lamps for UV resins. These lamps are not only used for curing one type of resin, but they also cover a wide range of things ranging from nail polish to SLA/DLP printing.

UV resin can be defined as a group of synthetic resins which is polymerized and cured by ultraviolet irradiation devices in a short time. People use it for industrial materials for sealing and coating. Comparing to other epoxy resin, there is a vast difference between UV resin and epoxy resin.

Our Top 5 UV Lamps for UV Resin:

Name of
UV Lamp
 Wavelength of UV rays(in nm)Power Consumption/WPrice
Tresbro UV Resin Curing Light for SLA/DLP/LCD
40520Click Here for Price
FASTTOBUY UV Resin Curing Light">405200Click Here for Price
MelodySusie Professional UV Lamp for UV Resin36536Click Here for Price
MOOKIS UV Resin Curing Light3956Click Here for Price
BIGTREETECH UV Resin Curing Light for SLA/DLP
40520Click Here for Price

1. Tresbro UV Resin Curing Light for SLA/DLP/LCD

The Tresbro UV resin curing lamp is a great option for a conscientious resin curing process. One cool thing about this lamp that I personally like is that you don’t have to purchase a turn table separately for having your resins on as they get exposed to the UV light. The turn table comes along with this model of Tresbro UV resin curing lamp, so you don’t need to buy one elsewhere.

What happens most of the time after manually putting the resin in front of the curing lamps is that there remain some areas on the object that still show signs of low UV absorption. Apparently, these areas have not been yet solidified properly. So what the turn table does is it keeps on rotating the object placed on it so that each and every area gets proper UV exposure while the UV lamp is on.

This is called effective UV treatment.

If you want to be on the safe side, again, the turn table comes into play. You just need to place the object on the turn table and then leave the rest of the process on the 2 of these devices to complete, once you switch on the lamp.

This UV lamp also takes very little time to cure the resin because of its high-quality LEDs and considerable light output.

If you really want to know what a smooth resin printout feels to the touch, then this lamp is the perfect choice for you. Just give this lamp a maximum of 20 seconds, then wait for the magic to happen.

  • 1) Very easy to use.
  • 2) No need for electricity/batteries to power the turntable as it works on UV rays emitted by the lamp.
  • 3) Dissipates very little heat into the surroundings.
  • 4) Smaller prints are cured in a very short time, ideal for figurines treatment.
  • 1) Eye-protection is a must since people forget about the safety-related concerns anytime while using the lamp.
  • 2)The distance between the object and the heater needs to be minimum for best results.

2. FASTTOBUY UV Resin Curing Light for SLA/DLP 3D Printer

This version of FASTTOBUY UV curing lamp can solidify most of the photosensitive objects in a very convenient manner, that not only saves you time but also energy. A lot of users expect the UV lights to render the UV resins rock solid while ignoring the important aspect of irradiation distance. This is the root of all the problems that UV lamp users face.

While most of the lamp manufacturers do not prescribe the irradiation distances of UV lamps like these, but for the sake of ideal practice, let’s just say that the object that you are curing needs to be placed at least 1 cm away from the lamp for best results and not more than that.

There are not many lamps that are used for curing resins through their UV rays that also feature LEDs. And with LEDs comes the minimal power consumption requirement of this lamp that soothes the nerves of many users since same amount of brightness can be achieved as traditional bulbs in very short time.

Also the rays coming out of the lamp that illuminate the object get enhanced by the presence of LEDs. The availability of LEDs makes the whole process of UV curing a lot more effective.

Shorter irradiation distance, combination of UV rays with LED lights, and mitigated radiation heat effects towards the facing object: all of these features make this UV curing lamp the best one on our list.      

How you avoid yourself getting exposed to UV rays?

When you are out there looking for UV curing lamps, you might often hear this question: Does this lamp emit harmful radiations? The answer to this question depends more on you rather than the different factors that are at play during the curing process.

We tend to think that in solidifying process, our fingers are getting exposed to harmful rays, that is not entirely correct. People carry out this resin curing process without self-inflicting harm at all by not touching the object while it is illuminated and by avoiding unnecessary stares. This is the best way to exercise caution while dealing with these lamps.

  • 1) No overheating issues.
  • 2) Cures any resin in a fairly short amount of time. However, thicker areas take relatively 1.5-2x more time to solidify.
  • 3) Energy-efficient LEDs offer considerable brightness while using low power.
  • 4) Big in size to offer more UV towards the facing object.
  • 5) Reasonable price.
  • 1) You need to time this lamp properly before using it for the first time. This will help avoid overheating issues due to confusion.
  • 2) Without glasses, you might be at a higher risk of exposing yourself to rays.

3. MelodySusie Professional UV Lamp for UV Resin, Manicure, and Nail Art

Not only can the MelodySusie UV lamp used for curing nail polish, but it can also be used to cure different types of resins. It’s a little different than the previous 2 lamps that we saw on this page. Whether it’s your jewelry resin or printed resin, this UV lamp can solve most of your problems.

The wavelength of the emitted UV rays of the MelodySusie will help you in curing a diverse range of objects ranging from nail polish to 3D prints. Thanks to its 36W dryer, your curing time will be greatly reduced and your hands are not going to get overheated. This enclosed UV lamp also solves the issue of uneven absorption of UV rays since the irradiation distance is not going to be that much when an object is enclosed under it.

This leads us to the second problem and its solution as well. If you are worried that your hands are going to get exposed for a long period of time, you can wear a shield glove while inserting your hand in this UV lamp.

What makes this UV lamp even more interesting is the fact that it comes with a timer. You can shift your focus towards the next brilliant resin while not worrying about the one you already put inside the lamp, and when to take that out. 3 different time settings give you a lot more options to decide what to do next. In this way, the process of UV curing becomes a lot more interesting.

However, you would want to exercise caution while using the timer if you are using it to fulfilling your manicure purposes. At least, that is what I will recommend.

All in all, the MelodySusie is a great multipurpose UV curing lamp that’s very easy to operate and does not require much knowledge about itself for use.

  • 1) Best wavelength for curing fingernails/nail polish.
  • 2) Different timing options to suit different users’ needs.
  • 3) The enclosed design ensures the resin gets maximum absorption.
  • 4) Lightweight in nature. Easy to carry.
  • 5) ABS plastic material used in construction. The user manual is also included to make things easier.
  • 1) UV bulbs will need replacement after every 4 months for the optimal working of this lamp.
  • 2) Polish needs to be in gel form before it can be used for curing.

4. MOOKIS UV Resin Curing Light for SLA/DLP with Output Effect

The Mookis UV resin curing lamp is a great option for those who are on a budget. It has all the same features as an ideal resin curing lamp does, yet it’s even simpler than its competing models. Its minimalist design works hand in hand with the UV rays of 395nm wavelength, ensuring that the object does not only solidify in a reasonable period of time, but also its temperature does not rise as badly as it sometimes does with other lamps.

If you have 3D printed resins that are fairly small in size, this is where the Mookis resin curing light comes in to play. I agree that the size of this model is a little bit small, but its applications are wide-ranging too. It can be used for medical purposes as well. 

The adjustable angle of this UV lamp is one thing to be noted. It not only allows you to change the lamp’s positions while it remains on, the whole process of illuminating the resins becomes convenient.   

Lamps like this one take no time for setup. They just need to be connected to a power source to do their work. And as the user reviews suggest, you don’t need prior knowledge for making use of this lamp. 

You can also cure larger prints with the help of different angles that this resin curing lamp has to offer. That’s one advantage of using small-sized lamps. They can be used to focus UV rays towards those specific areas that require a fair amount of exposure from the light. 

The Mookis UV resin is an amazing lamp and a great value for money. There are not many lamps that offer cost-effective UV curing solutions like this one. 

  • 1) Multipurpose lamp with a wide range of applications.
  • 2) Flawless in performance and design.
  • 3) Parts do not turn yellow due to the emission of UV-A rays, which are relatively friendly in nature.
  • 4) Takes no time to set up.
  • 1) Direct staring needs to be avoided at all costs even if the manufacturer doesn’t say so.
  • 2) Good for medical usage.

5. BIGTREETECH UV Resin Curing Light for SLA/DLP

Last, but not least, we have the BIGTREETECH UV resin lamp to transform your fragile resins into smoother ones, using its fairly high (405nm) wavelength UV rays accompanied by a high light emission rate. A lot of energy gets wasted into surroundings while the process of resin curing is taking place.

When the light transmission rate of a UV lamp is 90% or higher, you need to pay special attention to it. This means that your printed objects are going to get cured in a shorter period of time, and SLA DLP print curing will become less effort-requiring. 

LEDs are great for conserving energy and doing the same job of providing brightness, but, through consuming lower power than halogens or CFLs. This is the reason why most of the lamp manufacturers prefer LEDs over other forms of light. 

This is the best UV curing light for curing resin and similar purposes for 2 main reasons. Firstly, its light can reach the bottom of your printed resin, and secondly, its low wattage means that the overall curing process is going to take time, but the whole process is going to be worth it. 

For faster results, you can remove unnecessary object like paint can lids or other various things that can block the rays from reaching the objects fully. Also the placement of the enclosure matters a lot during the curing process so make sure that its properly arranged and it’s neat and tidy in the first place. For everyday use, this lamp is really a good one.

  • 1) LEDs are energy-efficient.
  • 2) The solidification of the object is reached in time.
  • 3) Portable design.
  • 4) Efficient light transmission.
  • 1) Takes more time than other lamps but does the job well.
  • 2) The metallic part needs should be avoided from touching.

As we talked about this earlier, the main difference between UV resin and epoxy resin is is the way in which UV resin is processed. UV resin promotes as a practical alternative of epoxy resins. UV resin is very easy to prepare and can dry very quickly.

It can be cured within a minute by a UV lamp. A UV lamp generates UV rays. It creates heat and is suitable for fixing the UV resin in a short amount of time. UV resin is very safe for its non-toxicity, user-friendly, non- explosive nature.

UV Resin Kit with Light:

Some UV resin products come with a full package to produce resin products. They offer UV resin with kit and UV light. They are instrumental in many ways. For example, Vidarosa (Resin products company) offers you UV Epoxy Resin that can serve as a great addition with your UV curing lamps, silicone mold, and silicone cup for mixing, and stirring as well which eliminates bubble sticks, stirring stick spoon, beak over, etc. So, you don’t have to look at this stuff from market to market.

The resin kits can be used in many ways. You can remove the bubbles from the resin products by using stirring bubble stick. You can mix the resin and pour them into silicone mould using by silicone cup and stick spoon. They come in handy and save time.

The UV lights are compact and portable. You can carry them anywhere in a backpack. The power consumption of UV lights is just fine. You can use it by a mobile charger or a simple 5V power adapter.

How Many Watts are required to Cure Resin?

The curing of the UV resin is not very complicated for the user. After that it can dry quickly as well. The curing process of UV resin with UV light is a very high-speed process that takes less than 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. There are two ways to maintain the whole process, and they are the material of the resin and the intensity of the UV light lamp.

If you want to dry the resin manually, like under the sun, you cannot achieve much. For this, we suggest you use a UV light. UV light enhances your productivity by drying UV resin quickly, for example, synthetic resins take 2 to 5 minutes to get a cure under the 36W UV light lamp. The darker and denser color of the UV light has more effects on the UV resin. For more on this, check this article out.

How to Cure Resin without the Sun?

Here comes the most critical part of the curing UV resin. There are a few ways to do so. You can use direct sunlight to cure the UV resin. But it takes more time.

UV lamps or UV torches can be used for this. You can find many kinds of UV lamps in the market for fulfilling this purpose. But you have to hold the tray of UV resin very close to the UV lamp and wait for a few moments. In the meantime, you have to check the layer of the UV resin that hardens. After some time, you can pour another or more layer to cure the UV resin under the UV lamps. As soon as all the layers get cured, you can remove the casting from the silicone mould.

Benefits of Using UV Curing Lamps:

There are many benefits of the UV lamp for the UV resin:

1) You can cure the polymer resin very quickly by using a UV lamp. As we said before, to heal the UV resin under the sun wastes a lot of time. UV Lamps save time. Exposing your resin-coated products outside under the sun can also sometimes damage the material depending upon its nature.
2) UV lamps prevent external contamination or unusual chemical reaction. So, it sounds pretty safe for the user and the environment.
3) The outlook of the resin-coated product using UV light is more glossy, shiny, and attractive. Anyone can see through your creative design through the neat and clean UV resin coating.
4) The radiation of the resin coating with UV lamps is significantly less. The environment is not affected by UV resin, and it ensures the material safety.


UV lamps play a useful role in the solidification of the UV 3D printed resins. UV light is a user-friendly and doesn’t affect health as long as you follow the precautionary steps.

The reaction of the chemicals of the resin products and UV lights is minimum and stable.

There is going to be no environmental pollution using UV resin and a UV lamp. In the end, we can say that to increase your resin productivity with superb quality and less time, UV lamps mentioned on this page are great for you.

To know more about UV rays and how to limit their side effects, visit WHO’s official website.