Best LED Downlights – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews in 2020

LED downlights come in various shapes and sizes. These downlights are better than most of the light sources when it comes to highlighting a certain area of the house. Highlighting can be done by installing the recessed light just above the area or an element of the room which is to be highlighted.

However, if you want your downlights to be a little bit flexible in terms of illumination, then you must go after the downlights with the trim of either a cone, sloped or elbow type. These are our best LED downlights mentioned on this page which are a fine example of interior accent lights.

Here are 6 of our recommended best LED Downlights:

 Name of 


Slim LED Downlights

Hykolity LED Downlights

Hyperikon LED Downlights

Sunco Lighting

LED Downlight

Parmida LED


Sunco Lighting

LED Downlight


Color Temperature









1) Slim LED Downlights

This model of led downlights is one of the most versatile products ever designed to meet the demands of its users. With its modern LED bulbs, the Slim LED downlights are going to provide you with an extraordinary amount of brightness.

Whether it’s your garage or workhouse, the highly efficient LED bulbs will emit a good quality of light that won’t produce any glare or cause eye strain.

The downlights are dimmable meaning that you can choose for yourself the right level of brightness. These downlights are the most suitable sort of lights when it comes to addressing the user’s needs for an enhanced visual environment.  Take a look at their special features as these might help you.

Special Features: Dimmable,

Maximum Power usage of 12 W,

Size: 6 inch,

Colour: White, cETLus Listed approved.


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2) Hykolity LED Recessed Retrofit Downlight

The Hykolity LED  downlight is a very good example of a top retrofit dimmable LED downlight. This good quality downlight is capable of providing 600 lumens of light to your room or your workhouse without causing any glare.

If you have had a hard time dealing with various other light fixtures, then this retrofit, easy to install downlight is the solution we’d proudly like to present.

Get a chance to save a lot of money by installing these lights as the 9 W bulbs don’t waste a lot of energy while operating. There is no need to worry about electricity bills now with the arrival of Hykolity LED downlight.

Special Features:

1) Dimmable

2) Shape: Baffle trim

3) Power usage: 9W

4) Size: 4 inch

5) Colour: 5000k Daylight White

6) Fire rated:Made to the highest standards to avoid electrical shocks or fire hazards.

12 packed.

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3) Hyperikon 6 Inch LED Downlights

This model of LED Downlights provides 990 lumens along with a color temperature of 4000K/Daylight glow. This temperature is fairly enough for a wide variety of tasks and with the dim option available, sorting out the right brightness level for your room must not be a difficult task.

People expect a great deal of brightness in their room once they install LED downlights and the Hyperikon LED downlight must not fail to surprise you. The LED bulbs emit a smooth quality of light and are far better than halogen bulbs in terms of energy saving.  

Special Features:


5 inch compatible

Power usage: 14 W(75W Replacement)

Size: 6 inch

Colour Temperature: Daylight Glow(4000k).

Energy Star Certified and UL listed.

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4) Sunco Lighting 12 Pack LED Downlight

This is another great example of fine LED Downlights. The LED bulbs provide 965 lumens of light. Apart from that, these downlights are also dimmable. Your house, kitchen, storeroom,shop, and warehouse won’t ever look dim again.

The sunco LED downlights do not emit harmful radiations such as UV rays ensuring that your vision and health do not get affected. These downlights require very little maintenance and come with 7-years warranty.

Special Features:

Dimmable, Shape: Baffle Trim

Simple Retrofit Installation



Power Usage: 13W:75W

Size: 5-6 Inch

Price: Click Here for Price(in$$)

5) Parmida (12 Pack) LED Downlight

The Parmida LED Downlights are going to save you a lot of energy when you start using them. These dimmable lights have a color temperature of 3000K soft white. A large room never gets bright enough until you install the right kind of lighting in it. Therefore, if you are looking to bright things up, the Parmida LED downlights are here to entertain you.

This downlight is also damp-rated so whenever you feel that the atmosphere has a lot of water vapor content in it, never feel a sense of worry since these downlights will operate safely anyway.

Special Features:


Shape: Baffle Design

Retrofit Recessed lighting

Size: 5-6 inch

Power Usage: 12W(100W Replacement)

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6) Sunco Lighting 6 Pack LED Recessed Downlight

Save a lot of energy by installing the Sunco LED Downlights. LED downlights play a crucial role every day by lighting up the environment surrounding them. These LED downlights use a very little amount of energy to operate. They are also very easy to install. The 5000K daylight is going to suit most of the rooms and will be enough for various purposes such as reading, writing and crafting.

Special Features:

Special Features:Dimmable

Simple Retrofit installation

UL+ Energy rated

Power usage: 11W=40W

Size: 4 inches

Colour: 5000K Daylight.

Price: Click Here for Price


It is very important for you to know each of these lights’ power consumption and select them accordingly. People who are seeking lower energy costs can select the downlights with the least power usage. These downlights come with a retrofit install option making it very easy to install these lights.These downlights also come in a variety of colors.

Most of the downlight enthusiasts view this as a fact that LED Downlights are an alternative to the cheap solutions that are offered by various electricity outlets just to save a little amount of energy.It is of, of course, no doubt that LED lights will outrun any other sorts of lighting in the next 5 – 10 years. You can mainly attribute all this to the low power consuming option that an LED light has to offer.

If you are really into buying LED Downlights that will save you a lot of money in the long run, then 4-13 Watts LED lights are the best. One of the prospects of LED Downlights that concludes that these lights are far better than any other lights including halogen lights is their minimal electricity usage capacity.

A few years back, people would go and buy halogen lights thinking that these lights will solve most of their problems including high energy bills, flickering light bulbs, inadequate brightness of lights and much more. But, none of this could be overcome with the help of halogen lights.

Although halogen lights seem to have discretionary benefits over conventional lighting, the major problems remain unsolved. Suppose that you bring a high watt (100-200 watt)halogen downlight from the store which would fulfill all of your basic needs including enough brightness to support your room but a few days later you find out that a fire has been induced due to some miscellaneous errors occurring in the circuit, who will be held responsible for that?

These errors are rare and unpredictable but similar cases are often reported by the users of halogen lights. The LED downlights are easy to install. It requires no more than 10 minutes to install a standard LED downlight when the wiring has already been done. You simply have to connect it to a power source.

  • Less maintenance required as compared to halogen downlights.

  • LED lights are well known for their durability. As these lights work on low voltage, the lesser are the chances for them to encounter an error. You would want to keep in mind that the same rules apply for high power LED lights too.
  • Once, you have called an electrician for the installation of LED lights, you might not feel the need to call him again for the next 3-5 years, thanks to the ultimate nature of these vibrant lights.
  • It is no doubt that LED downlights outclass any other type of light when it comes to giving your room a glamorous design. Add just a few downlights to fulfill your lighting needs and their secondary purpose must be of giving your room an outstanding look. LED downlights of 100 to 240 Volts generally give out 100 lumens.
  • Install just a few of them (2-4) and it would be more than enough to fulfill your room’s decorative purposes. If you are wondering where you are going to get fascinating ideas to design your room with LED lights, just know that there are thousands if not millions of rooms that contain LED lights for several purposes. It is a matter of time.
  • To get a simple idea, visit your friend’s house or your neighbor’s house. By just taking a glance at their rooms, you are going to conceive thousands of new designs which will prove out to help decide the outlook of your house.
  • As I mentioned earlier the use of lateral thinking to conceive new ideas about the designs concerning LED Downlights, innovation is all that it takes to have the interior of a house so well designed that it entices everyone who visits your house. (don’t blame luminous valley if someone steals your design!)


Some more of our recommended LED Downlights: