How to make a room brighter without windows

How to make a room brighter without windows
Rooms without windows are very common. Most of the people living in apartments and small flats often go through a difficult scenario where they don’t have enough light sources to lighten up their rooms. If you are also stuck in a difficult situation like this, make sure to read this chunk of advice mentioned below on how to make a room brighter without windows:

Knowing Measurements of the Room is a must.

A lot of times people conceive the idea of lighting up their windowless rooms with various forms of lighting without knowing a clue of what the dimensions of their room really are. A fine example can be mentioned here. When I first shifted into my new apartment, I had all these plans of lighting up my bedroom and installing every fancy light out there in the market. I bought them on the very first day of my shifting. Little that I knew was it is actually the size of my room that mattered the most initially. You can either pick up 5-10 different sorts of lights for your bedroom or you can copy any design out there on the internet to make your room brighter, but not knowing the measurements of your room will probably not help you in your motive. A hard and fast rule would be: Measure the exact dimensions (Length x width) of your room with a measuring tape or you could hire a professional to do that for you. Once you get to know the dimensions of your room, you are giving way to innovative ideas that you could not have implemented if you did not know the dimensions. 

Don’t place light absorbing dark material in your room

Yes, you read that right. Filling your room with materials that have shiny dark surfaces can actually make your room darker. It seems to absorb most of the light. Some of the fine examples of these types of material include black mirrors attached to cupboards, black desks and tables, and many more things that have a dark black surface. It is not bad if your room has one of these elements, but if you stuff more of these things in your room, don’t expect your room to get brighter. If you do have a lot of light absorbing material in your room, we will strongly advise you to cover the surfaces of these materials with white clothing or white sheets. This will not only help your room look bright but also your room will have a better atmosphere which could not have been achieved by leaving the dark objects alone.

Use Adjustable light bulbs

If you are looking to make your room brighter, you should definitely use adjustable light bulbs. These bulbs can spread light onto your desired places in the room and they are highly efficient. One of the most useful bulbs, in this case, would be adjustable eyeball-shaped bulbs. These bulbs would spread light over longer distances and if your room is large, then using these bulbs will make your task of lighting up the room easier. These eyeball-shaped bulbs are very common and they are available all over Amazon. Don’t get surprised by their names.

Install LED bulbs in the center

In order to make your room brighter, it is imperative for you to install LED bulbs or any other source of light right in the center. Installing the light in the center will give more room to other sorts of lighting in your room. We have discussed LED bulbs here as they come with a variety of different options for brightness. Their lumens could range from 500 to 4500(brightness), A windowless room does not need to have 10 different types of light installed. Rather, just knowing the exact location that is guaranteed to give the most brightness is of immense importance. When you know the sweet spot of your room, any number of light bulbs ranging from 1-5 can help you in maintaining the brightness of your room on the darkest of the nights. A good way to measure the brightness of a bulb is not by its power usage, but by knowing its lumens. Different bulbs produce different lumens. However, a quick rule of thumb can be the bulb with greater power usage produce more lumens than those with lesser power usage.

Lamps are an ideal solution

A great way to boost the brightness of your room is by using torchiere floor lamps. What makes these lamps different from other lamps is their ability to stand high. These bright lamps are most suited to rooms without windows because their brightness remains unmatched with other lamps’ brightness. Torchiere Floor lamps are glamorous looking tall electrical lamps that enhance the look of your entire room in addition to making your room brighter. I will personally recommend this lamp to all of the contemporary lighting enthusiasts.

It’s totally fine to have a windowless room

If you have been thinking that your windowless room has no potential of getting better, you are probably wrong. I have seen scores of people carving up amazing ideas to solve the issue of lighting up their rooms. These ideas range from wiring down the two corners of the ceilings of the room and attaching numerous low powered LED bulbs, to creating new designs solely by themselves without hiring an interior designer. All you need to do is gather ideas, follow the rules we have mentioned on our website, and implement. These tips on how to make a room brighter without windows are surely going to help you in setting up a very good design that can guarantee success in the future.

Install Mood lighting

Mood lighting is one of the best types of lighting. Now, if you have solved most of your problem of making your room brighter, you will start noticing that either the intensity of light is too much for your eyes to handle or the brightness of the lights does not offer a warm atmosphere. Mood lighting will enable you to create just the right kind of atmosphere there is to help you soothe your nerves down. As the name suggests, the mild brightness of these lights will enable you to take a nap easily without having to intermittently turn the lights on. These lights use lower power compared to ordinary lights which will help you in maintaining your energy bills. One of the most excellent features of these lights is that their colors come in a variety and you can choose the one that you like
Apply some light color paint on the walls
Applying light color paints like white will help your room to become brighter. You will want to avoid dark colours especially dark grey, maroon and black etc to keep your windowless room bright.