Kitchen Accent Lighting Ideas- 11+ ideas for your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the most important room in your house which comes after your drawing room in terms of entertaining and receiving other people. You would want your kitchen to look as good and glamorous as any other room in your house, albeit, serving its primary purpose of letting you conveniently cook food.

On this page, we are going to take a look at some cool kitchen accent lighting ideas for your kitchens and read some valuable tips for the type of accent lighting you will want your kitchen to have. 

Lighting systems, especially the ones used in the kitchen rooms can help to reshape the atmosphere. Whenever people get done with designing their kitchen rooms and putting the furniture in the right place, the concept of using the most suitable lights for their kitchen can boggle their minds.

Now let us discuss some of the most vivacious ideas that will help choose the right accent lighting for your kitchen and how you can modernize your kitchen with these simple accent lights.

The Interior Accent Lighting Designs mentioned here are one of the finest examples of how we can use modern lighting systems effectively.

Kitchen Accent Lighting Ideas

No.1: Take a General View of your Kitchen

While it’s important to choose the right color of accent lights, you need to identify the sweet spots of your kitchen where your accent lights will illuminate the entire room. When you take a deep look into your kitchen before moving the furniture in, things become apparent for you. You have ample space to install accent lights and you don’t have to worry about other things such as the giant cupboards, massive ovens, and other heavy equipment in the kitchen.

These things have equal importance in maintaining the shape of your kitchen and the purpose for which the kitchen is built. When we decide to install the accent lights first, we are solving a big problem indirectly which occurs when we decide to put the equipment first. Just imagine that you have installed all the right equipment for your kitchen for all the various purposes, now you want to go for the lights.

The result? You are not going to have a lot of space to work upon.

The reason is that, majority of people think of a kitchen as a lovely place where people get together and have all sorts of stuff for eating. They are missing out on an important point that lights need to come first! Yet when it comes to installing the lights, they have to face difficulties just for the reason that their kitchens don’t have the ample space required for lighting up their kitchens.

Refrigerators, ovens, gas range stoves and several other giant structures tend to block the space of the kitchen where you have to put on the lights.

Conclusion: Always take a deeper look into your kitchen’s size and its various prospects. It is generally an excellent idea to install accent lights first.

Kitchen accent Lighting ideas

No.2: Choose a dim color.

A kitchen is a place where people can have their meals peacefully. A pleasant atmosphere makes the eating environment comfortable. This atmosphere can be achieved by using accent lights of low brightness. If you want your kitchen to have several bright lights, it is a good idea too. A lot many people get disturbed by constant flashing lights directed right at their eyes in the kitchen.

It makes eating difficult and can greatly decrease the appetite. So, a combination of bright and dull accent lights is ideal for your kitchen to have the right kind of environment that is befitting for your entire kitchen.

People love to chit chat in the kitchen after they are done with their food(It is of no concern that they might as well do while having their food). To create the perfect atmosphere you can have a separate small dining hall directly attached to your kitchen consisting of 3-4 sofas. A perfect gathering comes to a great end only with a perfect conversation that lasts for a while. People will greatly remember the good time they have had in your house, and your kitchen is one of the most important places that will attribute to their good memories.

Reconsider your kitchen as a great place for dining in and having a good long chat, then design accordingly. You will notice that your house members will develop a strong affinity towards the kitchen for dining in which is great for lovely family time. Instead of just remaining in their own companies, your family members will feel the need to have a good get-together daily that brings them all closer. A wonderful kitchen with pretty decent lights is just a small requirement that needs to be satisfied.

Kitchen Accent Lighting Ideas

No.3: There is room for a variety of accent lights.

If you ever wonder that recessed lights are going to do the most part of lighting for your kitchen, think again. It is of no doubt that most people are targeting recessed lights as the only possible solution to illuminate their kitchen and these lights do play a good role in doing that. But using only recessed lights in the kitchen is becoming too mainstream.

The wide variety of accent lights means that you can choose more than one kind of these lights in your kitchen. Wall sconces would definitely take up the no.1 spot in our list of best accent lights for the kitchen. Wall sconces generally occur in bracket shape but they come with a lot of variations.

These excellent sources of lighting not only help to direct light onto various areas of your kitchen but also help in transforming the atmosphere of your kitchen into a better one. The ability of wall sconces to hold almost everything from candles and lamps to LEDs makes them a very rare source of lighting.

They are of a very attention-grabbing nature in modern world of lighting. You can almost invariably see these rare box-shaped light sources in many people’s house.

Other possible types of accent lights which you can use in your kitchen include torchiere lamps, torchiere lamps along with recessed lighting, wall sconces, and flood lights.

kitchen lighting

No.4: Let people decide on the colour

Lighting is all about maintaining the right atmosphere that suits the people’s mood. Your guests and a lot of relatives will probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It is important for you to ask their favorite light colour. This will help to create the ideal environment for your kitchen room

No.5. Try a few unconventional designs

It is not necessary for your kitchen to have just the same sort of lighting arrangement that your neighbor’s kitchens have. In fact, people even go on to the length of copying the light color of other peoples kitchen rooms. While you can copy what you like, trying a unique new design for your kitchen will as a matter of fact greatly enhance the beauty of your kitchen. The kitchen accent lighting ideas we discuss here are purely based on people’s opinions and judgments.

The user experience of a lot of people helps us to frame new ideas pertaining to accent lights and their different manners of usage. You can use all kinds of lamp. There are different types of lighting systems and accent lighting is certainly one of them.

kitchen lighting designs

No.6: A Good Lighting system means a Good Kitchen

As we have discussed earlier, good lights make way for good memories.  Plan on your lighting system now for a better tomorrow. These decorative lighting examples are all you need to know for making your kitchen look great. There are different types of lamps available in the market that you can purchase for your kitchen.

No.7: Accent lights are an excellent source of light

When it comes to accent lighting, we are talking about that sort of lighting that actually has the capability of being distinct. As accent lights focus light to a certain area, using them in your kitchen will provide enough light to meet the lighting requirement of your room.

Accent lighting’s limited capacity to spread light towards the whole room does not mean that you can not light up your kitchen room. In fact, most of the people solely rely on accent lighting as the only source of lighting to lighten up their kitchens. 

There are some various designs linked with the use of accent lights in the kitchen. The photographs here are going to provide you enough detail to actually make a decision.

No.8: Focus on Quality

The key thing we are trying to suggest you on this page regarding kitchen accent lighting ideas is that it is the quality of the lights that you use which really matters and not the quantity. It takes no effort to simply hop on to some local departmental stores and buy as many lights as you can. Your main focus should primarily be on the type of lights you buy.

Choose the lights which have the best user reviews and the ones which can actually stand out there for a long period of time. The best lights are the ones that have the longest durability, variable brightness, and they come with a variety of additional features

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No.9: Look out for the bills

If you are looking for a cost-effective method that could greatly reduce your energy bills, then using low wattage LED lights for your kitchen is probably the typical solution. LED Downlights come in a variety of volts. If you are looking more to read about LED Downlights, then we suggest you read this. 

Using 12 volts led accent lights will surely help you.

No.10: Use one light method to avoid time wastage

Selecting the right types of light can be a redundant process. Most of the people working 9-5 jobs find this task very difficult. They are mostly of the view that installing lights requires a lot of time. First, you have to pick up the right lights for your kitchen and then select the color. This view, of course, is true. I will suggest you go with one light method. All you have to do is to pick up a decent light that can provide sufficient brightness to the room and start using it.

This method will save you a lot of time and effort as well as money.

Kitchen accent lights ideas

No.11: Check to see if the light is reaching the distant corner of the room

One of the major problems people face after installing lights is that light from these sources does not reach the distant portions of the room. This problem arises due to a lack of planning in the designing and structure of the kitchen.

If you plan things in a systematic way, you are not going to face this problem. You can overcome this problem just by installing the lights first and then some other thing. Of course, if lights are not arranged in a certain way that they light the whole of the kitchen, you will have a hard time in the future once every piece of equipment which belongs to the kitchen is placed.


No.12: Mount some painting on the wall

Whether it is the drawing that is held on your kitchen’s wall or artistic work that you want to get displayed, using them along with accent lighting can create a magnificent everlasting beauty to your kitchen. Kitchen is not where you just put your crockery items and large ovens. If you want your kitchen to look unique, you must add some pictures to your kitchen’s walls.

These prospects will take your kitchen’s beauty to the next level.