Frequently Asked Questions about LED Downlights
Here are a few questions which get asked on a daily basis about LED Downlights and I have also posted their answers below:

LED Lights are becoming common day by day. They are well known for their low power consumption and effective electric efficiency.
They can be installed easily and require low maintenance. These LED Downlights come under the section of Interior Accent Lighting.
There are few users who do not seem to be getting along with LED Downlights easily and need certain sort of guidance regarding this latest technology.
I address various issues regarding LED Downlights.
Hope this solves your problem.

Are LED Downlights dimmable?

Most of the LED Downlights in the past did not come with a dimmable option. People buying LED downlights want to use them consistently. The needs needed to be met variably from one user to another. The fact that LED Downlights were not dimmable in the past did not drive many people’s interest.

Now, this issue has been resolved. People can now buy a dimmer switch that is specifically designed for alternating the flow of current. You can use a dimmer switch for LED bulbs which would enable your lights to become dimmable.
There is also a second option for you.


If you are planning to buy LED Downlights, make sure to select the LED bulbs that feature the dimming option. There are many up to date LED bulbs that come in various sizes and shapes. You would always want to make sure that you are buying the LED bulbs which are dimmable.

Here are some good ideas about how you can use  led downlights.

Are LED Downlights Energy Efficient?


This is one of the most prominent qualities of LED lights. Whether you want to use LED bulbs for indoor use or outdoor use, they will always prove out to be energy efficient which in turn would reduce your energy costs.


They do cost a bit more than conventional lights when purchasing for the first time, however, they reduce the power losses in an effective manner which results in large amounts of money being saved in the long run. 


Modern LED lights are specially designed for this function and they have outperformed many of the conventional lightings when it comes to economical energy consumption.








Are LED Downlights Better Than Halogen?

When you are comparing LED downlights with halogen downlights, you are in fact comparing the contemporary lights with the lights that were considered fairly good in the past but now the contemporary LED lights have superseded them.

Coming to halogen downlights, you would want to note that these type of lights are high energy consuming lights. Normally, a 60 Watt halogen downlight would cause an average of 17$ annually. Imagine using several of these lights in your house for everyday purposes!

Halogen Downlights also require high maintenance. This means that you have to call an electrician almost 12 times to your house over a period of 6 years just to fix some random errors occurring in the light circuit as compared to LED lighting due to which you get to call the electrician nearly less than 3 times.1 at the time of installation and the other 2 times due to some random errors If you know how to install LED Downlights by yourself, you are pretty much on the right way.

Next thing that hinders the usage of halogen downlights is its inability to last long. Current shortages and flickering are common in halogen downlights if you plan to use them over a long course of time. You would also want to make sure that an electrician installs a halogen downlight and not you.  The fact is that halogen downlights tend to run at very high-temperature ranges of about 250 degrees to 500 degrees. A short circuit can result in a drastic wildfire which can be fatal for users.

In my opinion, you must go for LED Downlights taking the above explanation in consideration. Higher quality lighting, amazing power costs, low maintenance and durability is what enables an LED downlight to outperform its competition. Want some tips about Kitchen Light ideas? Know them here


Are LED Downlights bright enough?

LED Downlights differ in brightness from low to high watts. A basic unit for brightness is a lumen. The lumens increase as we increase the power. LED downlights come with different brightening options depending upon the power supplied to them.

If you want your LED Downlights to be bright, you must install a standard LED bulb which is of 150 W. However, there are a variety of bulbs present which come with higher power output, depending on  the needs of different people. Here are some tips about interior accent lighting designs.

Are LED Downlights safe?

LED Downlights have their pros and cons. Apart from being highly effective in reducing energy costs and having an incredible life span, LED downlights have been viewed as a potential harm in the past. This is because of the fact that LED downlights emit a small amount of Ultra Violet Rays(UV) which is widely known to cause skin cancers and perverse health issues.

Using environmental friendly LED lights can greatly reduce the risks of harmful damages which seem to be caused by LED lights. LED lights are next generation lights and many companies are taking on the challenge of minimizing the harmful effects caused by LED lighting. Read more about the dangers of LED lighting here




Why Do LED Downlights flicker?

Although flickering is a very rare phenomenon in LED lights, it does take place in some of them. First, we need to understand what flickering is actually. Flickering refers to the unsteady flow of light.

Coming to the problem, most people have switched from various types of lighting to LED lights. The conventional dimmers which were used in previous forms of lightings such as incandescent lighting or halogen lighting might not be suitable for LED lights. You would not want to use a faulty dimmer switch with your LED lights.

The misuse of the dimmer has been the root cause of the flickering problem most commonly experienced by LED light users. The up to date LED lights now come with a totally different internal mechanism which offers a solution to the flickering problem. Do you want to make a windowless room brighter? Here are a few tips

Are LED Downlights Fire Rated?

LED Downlights are not necessarily fire rated. Recessed lights are an exception as they have a tendency to interfere with the conductor surface which makes the lights necessary to get fire rated. Know more about the usage of accent lights.