Best Floodlights for Football Pitches in 2021- Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Floodlights are artificial broad-beamed and high intensity lights. These are generally used in outdoor sports events such as association football or cricket matches that are held in low-light conditions or after dusk. In many of the top tier football leagues, stadiums are required to satisfy certain lighting conditions so that they can host a match after daylight hours.

Simply put, stadiums are required to install and use landscape lights for matches scheduled after dusk. In this article we will take an in-depth tour of the top floodlights for football pitches.

On this page, we are going to discuss the best floodlights for football pitches.

1) LEDMO LED Floodlight.

This 320W LED floodlight comes with a 41600 lumen output. This makes it ideal for installation on stadium rooftops at a height of about 40 to 70 meters. The size of the whole light is quite compact.                     

A special spray coating is applied on the LED chips to tackle the heat dissipation issues that come along with LED lights. This further improves the life-span and brightness of the lights. The life-span of the LEDMO is accounted at around 80000 hours.

However, there is a drawback to this model. There are no power variants for the model which means this model is not appropriate for use in every country across the globe. For different variants, users would have to contact the manufacturers directly.

2) Viugreum LED Floodlight

This model is better fitted for community football pitches such as university football pitches. You can install them on indoor fields as well. The 300W LED can radiate the lights all around the field thus making it easier for players and spectators to see the ground clearly. Using high temperature cast aluminum the Viugreum 300W is totally rust-proof and has quite a good durability.

This model has numerous features that are really eye-catching. It has a whopping 30000 lumens output and yet has the capability to save up to 80% energy. The IP67 waterproof design adds greatly to its coolness. It is ideal for tennis courts alongside football pitches.

3) Morsen LED Floodlight 

This floodlight is specially designed for applications in outdoor sports pitch such as football pitches. Its light contains 1500 lumens that can save up to a whopping 80% of energy when the high-intensity discharge replacements such as 400W metal-halides or 2000W halogen lamps are used.

It also has a cool IP65 waterproof design that further enhances its durability in case of heavy rainfall. This 150W LED uses aluminum materials with high conductivity for reducing the heat inside the lamps. It is also quite long lasting with an estimated 45000 hours for stadium uses.

What’s more this light can be installed and used in almost any country across the globe, since it uses an input voltage of 85-265V. Your football pitch will shine with a new color once you install the Morsen LED floodlight. You can play, walk, jog and do almost anything around your pitch under the influence of Morsen LED Floodlight.

4) Hykolity High Quality LED Floodlight

The Hykolity 100W is best for wet areas. Moreover, with a 5000K color temperature, this floodlight is extremely bright. Its durability is further enhanced by its rugged die-cast aluminum body.

It is great for both outdoors and indoors football pitches and can last for a handsome period of time. Also, its resistivity to shock and vibration make it quite safe for a stormy day; or night. Even with an 11000-lumen output it can save up to 70% energy.

Its light can cover up a diameter of up to 25 ft. The Hykolity 100 W LED lights are an affordable option for people who want an adequate amount of light in their vicinity to carry out different sorts of activities.

5)Antlux LED

This is another great model for a floodlight that can provide up to 26000 lumens. Moreover, with a color temperature of 5000K this light is very bright and a great fit for nighttime matches. With the IP66 waterproof design, the Antlux 200W is great for using in wet conditions. The yoke mounting facility adds to its ease of installation. This high-performance floodlight is widely used in outdoor football pitches.

As I mentioned above, this floodlight for football pitches contains all the essential elements that an ideal floodlight must possess. Football grounds require an adequate amount of light. That’s why thus version of Antlux floodlights is fit for use in various football pitches.

Buyer’s Guide:

1)Lux level or brightness

The Lux level or brightness level for televised and non-televised matches have a huge difference. As per FIFA regulations, a class V football pitch, one which hosts internationally televised matches such as the World Cup requires a minimum Lux level of 2400 Lux for vertical and 3500 Lux for horizontal. Whereas training pitches require only up to 500 Lux. Learn more about calculating Lux levels.


Lighting uniformity is another standard for floodlights on football pitches. It is basically a ratio of minimum luminance to average luminance (U1) or minimum to maximum (U2). This is measured on a scale of 0 to 1, with 1 being the max. When the difference between the minimum & maximum Lux level is small the scale is closer to 1 and this means there is uniformity in the lighting. According to FIFA standards, the lighting uniformity is kept at 0.7.

3) Power

When trying to find stadium lighting solutions, the first consideration that you need to think of is power, and by the power we mean brightness. Consider that the light will originate from as high as 50 to 100 feet up and needs to illuminate the playing field below, which means that you need to deliver a whole lot more than your regular outdoor lighting.

It’s also not enough to provide just adequate lighting. Stadium lights need to deliver perfect visibility so that it doesn’t negatively affect the athletes’ performance. No one wants to lose a game because of poor lighting. But how powerful do stadium lights need to be? Small stadiums and basketball courts need at least 30 000 lumens for proper sports lighting. In comparison, street lamps only need 10 000 lumens.

4) Cost Effectiveness

Thankfully, despite the need for powerful outdoor lighting, most floodlights for football pitches now use LED lamps which can deliver a lot more lumens while using a fraction of the electricity that HID lights or halogen lights would need. LED floodlights can deliver 30 000 to 50 000 lumens effectively while saving as much as 80% in electricity consumption.  

LED also has the advantage of lasting longer and delivering the same level of performance all throughout. In fact, a LED lamp can last 10 times longer than an HID lamp. They’re also more impact resistant and can withstand the natural elements better, so there’s less maintenance cost overall. Plus, installation and replacement for LEDs are also easier and faster. 

One of the reasons why LEDs are taking over the stadium light market is for its overall cost effectiveness. Though it may cost more up front compared to more traditional lighting options, these small costs saved with LED add up to quite a lot over the years, especially for power-demanding lights like stadium lighting. 

5) Efficiency

LED lighting is also more efficient than HIDs and halogen lights, not just in terms of electricity consumption but also for delivering performance. Unlike the usual lighting solutions, LED reaches full capacity performance the second you turn it on. There’s no need to warm up its lamps, LED floodlights are at 100% capacity from the start.  

LED floodlights also doesn’t get hot during use which can boost performance efficiency. It’s also able to withstand different outdoor temperatures much better than other light sources, making it a great choice for any kind of stadium or sports field, whether your area experiences very cold winters or hot summers.  

6) Longevity and Durability 

Durability and longevity are also top considerations for choosing the best floodlights for football pitches. After all, these are essentially outdoor lighting that will have to face demanding weather conditions and they need to be at peak performance at all times, just like the athletes in the pitches.

For stadium lighting solutions that use LED, they can deliver as much as 50 000 hours of use, and that’s if you’re using the lights eight hours a day. Compare that to the 6 000 to 24 000 hours of use that its closest competitor, HID, can deliver.  

As for durability, LED lighting is best suited for absorbing impact but that doesn’t mean that all LED lights can withstand water pressure and dust. That’s why it’s important to check the IP ratings of the stadium lights you are considering.

IP65 is the standard rating for all outdoor lighting solutions, which means that it can withstand a direct stream of high pressured water and dust. However, for stadium lighting, we would recommend at least an IP66 rating which means that it can withstand the pressures of high seas and is sealed for dust as well.  

7) Lighting Control and Versatility

LED floodlights for football pitches can deliver high-power lighting for sports but you can also program your LED stadium lights to different colors, to respond to the game like during halftime, and to supplement the fans’ celebration. Because LED lights are programmable, you can also use these lights for concert lighting, holiday celebrations, and other events. You won’t need additional lighting for special events – you can just program your LED lights to match the celebration or performance.

The more versatile your stadium lighting system is, the more events you can accommodate with means more revenue. With LED lighting, you can dominate the market in terms of big event venues.  


When it comes to finding the best floodlights for football pitches, most stadiums are now leaning strongly towards LED lighting solutions. They are are able to withstand the outdoor elements better, they last longer, they don’t get hot after prolonged use, and they are more efficient in terms of power usage.

LED lights also last much longer than its closest competition, HID lighting, so it’s also more cost effective in terms of reduced bulb replacement and maintenance.

LED stadium lighting also has the advantage of being versatile. You can use it for more than just games. You can also program the lighting system for concerts, for holiday events, and for fans’ celebration.

More versatility in lighting means more events which in turn means more revenue.