Solar Powered LED Security Lights with Motion Sensors- Buying Guide and Reviews 2020

Security lights are essential instruments for providing security and brightness to not only your house but also your workplace. These lights may be solar or non-solar. What we will be looking forward to on this page are the benefits, important dimensions, and the significance of using solar powered led security lights with motion sensors, along with their reviews.

While it may be true that solar and non-solar security lights are much the same in function, performance, and design, there are a few aspects in which the solar security lights differ from the non-solar security lights. Solar security lights get charged via sunlight, use very little to almost no electricity, and their influence on the electricity bills seems to be far lesser than the non-solar security lights.

On this page, we will be discussing solar led security lights in detail. I will be taking you through the nitty and gritty of these lights. These facts will be adequate for you to make a purchase.

solar powered LED security lights

The Usefulness of Solar LED Security Lights + Advantages:

Solar security lights are amazing sources of light. They play an essential role in keeping our surroundings secure and well-protected from burglars. We must get to know a few crucial factors, among many others, that we should consider before purchasing solar security lights. These factors can help the users select a personalized sort of security light that tends to suit the area’s specific needs. We have discussed each of these factors below.

1) LITOM Original Outdoor Solar Security Lights– Best Outdoor Solar Security LED Lights

This is a fantastic product with a lot of needed features. It is an “amazon’s choice” badge achiever with over 13,000+ ratings. It is manufactured by one of the World-leading Solar Light Brand (LITOM) and has a lot of mouth-watering features that make it stand out. The key features of this appliance include;

Useful Features:

Brighter & Wider Lighting: It uses the new upgraded LITOM high power LEDs with the latest management chip, which increases its illuminating power. It is the first of its kind to have a design that covers a broad range, with a lightning range of approximately 200 square feet for a light, and 800 square feet if four lights are used concurrently.

24/7 Working Light: LITOM LED light as every other solar light absorbs and converts solar energy into electrical energy. It stores this energy during the day and lights up at night for 20 seconds when motion is sensed. Lighting time may extend if motion is detected again during lighting, which meets any need for all night long use.

Three Convenient Modes: Its three working modes are ideal for coping with different surroundings. Compared to other light with single-mode, it’s a perfect use for the main entrance, courtyard, garage, driveway, walkway, etc.

3-years-Long Life Span: This light is equipped with an IP65 system that completely protects the circuit and battery from rain, snow, or heat. This doubles its longevity compared to other solar LED lights. It is FCC certified and maybe the most reliable solar light you ever get.

LITOM has over 5,000,000 solar lights sales and more than 4,000,000 customers positive ratings all over the world.

Price: Click Here for Price

2) JUSLIT Outdoor Solar Security Lights for Front Door, Yard, Garage, Deck, Porch

JUSLIT solar lights outdoors is another “amazon’s choice” badge achiever. This product is produced by JUSLIT, and has a stunning 13,000+ rating on Amazon, which is cheaper than the LITOM original solar lights. It has mouth-watering features, which makes it one of the best lights out there. Some of these features include;

Useful Features:

Cob led super bright: It has a Three-sided light design with 74 COB LED technology, which increases its brightness 2X brighter than a regular LED. The 74COB LED offers a fascinating 270° wider range illumination and produces approximately 600lm brightness output.

Larger lightning area: This light has a built-in PIR motion sensor. PIR motion sensors are tiny, low-power consuming, easy to use, and don’t wear out. This sensor gives this light an approximately 120° wider sensor coverage and 26ft detecting distance. Light can travel up to 200 square feet, which helps lighten any dark area around the surrounding and improve security.

⦁ It has two sensor modes:

Bright Sensor Mode – When it detects motion, the light goes entirely bright for 40 seconds, and if movement persists, it remains on.

Dim Sensor Mode – This sensor lets the light work from nighttime to daytime and goes on sufficiently bright for the 40 seconds when motion is sensed.

24/7 working light & long life span: It also has a built-in rechargeable battery of high capacity of 2000mAh. It can stay lit for 6 hours as night light under the dim mode when fully charged. It also has the IP65 waterproof and durable ABS material that protects it from different weather conditions. This gives it high longevity. This light is suitable for different surroundings, such as a garden, backyard, walkway, door light, deck, etc. It has a one year warranty with a fantastic 24/7 customer service.

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3) Otdair Solar Security Lights – Great Security Lights with Motion Sensors

Otdair is a company that provides energy-saving solar-powered lights that are environmentally friendly. They have different varieties of solar lights for various purposes. One of its solar lights is the three head solar security light, which has visible outstanding features. The Otdair three head security light is currently being sold at a fair price on Amazon, which is quite reasonable with all the features it has compared to the other lights mentioned above. These features include;

Useful Features:

70 LED Bright 360° Rotatable Spotlights: Otdair 3 head solar security lights have a unique design. It has a multi-joint rotatable design that has a 360° independently adjustable solar panel and spotlights. This enables it to be rotated to any desired angle to suit your need. Also, it makes light travel a broader range with a more adjustable range of light.

Eco-friendly Solar Power: Otdair boasts of manufacturing light that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. This is very visible in its three-head solar security light. It stores energy when the sun’s out and uses it during the night. Its motion sensor light has a built-in body motion detector function, along with a low light sensor. It can sense motion from a distance of 33 feet and has a wide range of 120°. Whenever it detects motion, it turns on for approximately 30 seconds then turns off automatically.

IP65 Weatherproof: It has the widely known IP65 system that sheds from rain, snow, and extreme weather conditions. It can be mounted on surfaces with screws, which makes it easy to install.

Long Time Working Time: Otdair solar security light has a rechargeable battery of (2200mAh) capacity. This ensures it fully charges at low light. This battery capacity makes the Otdair last for approximately 30 hours for use at night. It can last up to 30 hours for night use, at full brightness, it can last for up to 6 hours.

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4) Sunforce 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Security Light

Sunforce 82153 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light is manufactured by Sunforce. Sunforce is one of the leaders at the forefront of the renewable energy industry. Their leading technology is visible in the Sunforce 82153 150-LED triple head solar motion light, which has some notable features. Features to note include;

Useful Features:

The 1000 Lumen Output: A 1000 lumen output can produce a lighting range of 150 to 200 meters, which makes this solar light cover a more extensive distance. As all solar light, it uses the power of the sun and brightens dark areas.

30ft. (9.1m) Detection Distance: This solar light has a detector that can detect movement 30ft from it. It automatically turns on when motion is detected and provides 150 extra bright white LEDs. This feature ensures enough lightning when needed.

⦁ It also comes with 80 degrees Detection Range, extreme weather resistance, and can be used in different places, such as garages, walkways, decks, entrance, etc.

⦁ It should also be noted that its side lamp heads are adjustable upwards, downwards, and horizontally to maximize its lighting coverage. It’s detection distance, and light duration can also be adjusted.

⦁ It has an all-day amorphous solar panel, which charges in all daylight conditions, and does not need to be directly under the sun.

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5) JackyLED Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Security Spotlight/ Adjustable Wireless Floodlight

JACKYLED LED Solar security light is a security light that is designed like a security camera. It has a red warning light mode that flashes when it detects movement. This gives the illusion that a camera is there. Thus, making this solar light unique. Some other amazing features include.

Useful Features:

Adjustable three working modes: The modes of this wireless motion sensor solar light are three, and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Mode 1 changes the low light to full brightness when it senses movement. Mode 2 leaves the light fully bright for as long as movement is sensed, and auto turns it back low after motion has ceased for 25 seconds. The third mode changes the medium brightness of the light to dim light after 4 hours of constant brightness.

Automated PIR motion sensor light: it’s equipped with a detector that can detect motion up to 20-26 ft away, at a range of 120 degrees. Then it’s red warning light flashes to scare thieves/strangers away.

⦁ Its range can also be adjusted to the most suitable angle(can be rotated 360 degrees) to absorb sunlight. The solar panel has 120 degrees adjustable angles and can be removed.

It’s very durable: has a strong aluminum casing, and has a longevity of 3-5 years. Its IP66 waterproof rating makes it highly resistant to rain, snow, and extreme weather conditions.

Upgraded solar panel and battery: The upgraded panel and battery capacity of this solar light are (2800mAh), which makes it absorb a lot of solar energy. It is ideal for the front door, backyard, deck, garage, and different surroundings.

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6) Neloodony Outdoor Motion Sensor Security Lights – Super Bright Security Lights

Neloodony solar light is an excellent choice for a LED powered security solar light that’s wireless. Key features include;

Useful Features:

Brighter Led Solar Lights: Power-packed with 100 beads, and a solar lamp that produces 2000 lumens, this light provides super illumination usable for different security purposes.

More extensive Detection Range: It is equipped with a detector that detects motion 10-16 ft away, which activates the light and covers up to 280 ft² area. It has an angle of up to 125 degrees, which senses motion fast. Like every solar light, it absorbs sunlight, stores it, and converts it to electrical energy at night.

Weatherproof and Durable: The casing is made from strong ABS, which makes it durable. Coupled with the housing is the IP65 weatherproof, which makes it resistant to rain, snow, and extreme weather conditions. It has no dim mode, which increases the longevity of the light.

It’s wireless and easy to set up: It requires no skill and is very easy to mount on surfaces. It is suitable for walls, garage, driveway, entrance, etc.

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The Lumen Count:

As mentioned earlier, solar security floodlights can be used for both security and brightness purposes. An important factor in determining how much brightness can a security light produce is the lumen count. The lumen count is the measure of the total lumens produced by a light source.

Now, you can use the lumen count of the security lights to determine the amount of brightness produced by them. If you want to illuminate your desired area, you can then choose a security light with a high lumen count. In this way, you can make your preferred area as bright as you want while also keeping the security standards high.

Motion Detection:

Solar security lights with motion sensors can quickly turn on when they detect motion at night. This renders them great for security purposes. Your house is in more need of security at night than at any other time of the 24 hours. This night time is crucial since your premises are vulnerable to burglar activity.

To outsmart any trespassers, you need security lights with motion sensors. These motion sensors not only deter any unwanted activity on your soil but they also send alert notifications to your phone if it’s connected with the security light.

Therefore, choosing the security lights with motion sensors is essential for keeping your house safe.

Alternative Working Modes:

Security lights have different working modes such as security mode, dim mode, and sensor mode to suit different needs of the area. These modes make the security lights even more useful because now a security light can adapt to different periods of the day and night.

Solar Security lights that come with these modes can meet with their user’s needs better than any other security light because, from my personal experience, people are not just looking for something that can play the role of a traditional security light, they are expecting a little more out of today’s security lights. Therefore, several security lights mentioned on this page feature different working modes to take care of their user’s surroundings well.

Weather Resistance:

Solar security lights should be weather-resistant. Weather-resistance is an important factor that determines the durability of these security lights. Rain leaves many security lights prone to impairment due to the penetration of water and dust molecules.

So if you want your solar security lights to function flawlessly throughout the year, it is important for you to consider this factor before buying the solar security lights.


Weather resistance, long lifespan, and the type of bulbs installed in the solar-powered led security lights with motion sensors are all the factors that significantly determine how much maintenance are these lights going to require. Lights with longer lifespan generally require very little maintenance than the lights with shorter lifespan do. We can say the same thing about the weather-resistance factor and the type of bulb that the security light has when it comes to maintenance.

You will always want to go for those solar LED security lights that have a long lifespan because they require relatively less maintenance.

The Pros of Having Solar-Powered LED Security Lights with Motion Sensors:

  • Save Electricity: Solar-powered LED security lights are one of the most energy-efficient light sources. Since they use energy from the sun to charge, they save a lot of electricity from getting wasted in the process. This can have a very positive impact on your electricity bills, saving you a lot of dollars in the end.  
  • Save Time & Efforts: The best outdoor solar LED motion security lights are very easy to install. You won’t be needing the same setup of non-solar security lights while installing the solar security lights. This will save your precious time and efforts. 
  • Affordable Solution: The cost of the solar-powered LED security lights with motion sensors mentioned on this page ranges from $20-$40, just as a good security light must cost. Solar security lights are a cost-effective method that not only provide brightness but also security to your surroundings.


Solar-powered LED security lights with motion sensors have greatly improved security over the years. It lightens both urban and rural areas, which gives more safety and security. Each of these LED lights absorbs solar energy and converts it into electrical energy.

They come with a passive infra-red (PIR) sensor that is programmed to automatically turn on whenever an infra-red heat motion(caused by movement) is in close range. If there is no movement sensed for a definite period, they turn off on their own. Automatically, they turn on at night and off in the morning.

It is installed for so many reasons. Whether you want to lighten up dark places within and outside your home to increase security or light up the road to your house or make your home look glamorous, these best outdoor motion sensor floodlight is a perfect appliance for you.

And the best part is, it doesn’t require access to conventional power.

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